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Get 15 % on all your affiliated clients' orders on eOil.co.za

Why becoming an Ambassador and using affiliation ?

  1. No need to stock the products on your shelves. You can use the space for other products.
  2. No physical control | no products damaged or lost
  3. The full range of our 600 + products is always available to your clients. No restocking or stock control nightmares.
  4. You get your commission without doing anything else than bringing awareness to your clients.

eOIl.co.za has  an affiliation program 

  1. Register (CLICK HERE) to the affiliation program

  2. Copy your affiliation link.
  3. Contact your clients | followers and give them the link.
  4. When they buy on the website, you will systematically be rewarded 15 % of ALL their orders (present and future) generated by your affiliation.
  5. You will be able to follow your rewards (Rands) by login into your account and requesting payments to your bank account, at will.

Your clients will receive 10 % of their first purchase and when they are using our eOil rewards system, on all their future orders.

You don’t have to give us the list of your clients. You email them directly or you send the link by sms or give them the link directly when you see them at your shop.

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