Anti-ageing skin serum Body oil - Botanical complex 10 ml

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COMPOSITION: 100% hydro solubles plant extracts,  hop cone extract, rosemary leaf extract, horsetail aerial parts, pine cone extract, lemon fruit extract

SKU code: BC-ANA-0010

ORIGIN: France

BEST BEFORE: 04/2022

BOTANICAL COMPLEX: phyto synergy

QUALITY: 100 % pure and natural botanical complex

STORAGE CONDITION: Store in a cool dark place


Our anti-ageing skin serum is a multifunctional botanical complex - it is a regenerating cocktail of plant extracts, selected for their complementary properties. 


They work together, day after day, to keep your skin hydration stable, activate the micro-circulation under your skin, stimulate the growth of collagen that promotes skin elasticity as well as protecting your skin against free radicals. Simply add a few drops onto skin before applying your daily facial cream. Use as it is, morning and night, to condition your skin before moisturizing.


Personalize your care further: Add a few drops of this serum into a hydrosol of your choice to make a toner suited to your specific needs. Or add to our base lotions, creams, gels, to create your own boosted moisturizer or mask.


Keep out of reach of children and pets.


As a general rule, always perform a skin patch test before using  any product for the first time.