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Dosage Natural Fragrances

The percentages listed below reflect the fragrance’s creator MAXIMUM SUGGESTED usage for the corresponding finished products and are below IFRA safety standards to avoid reactions on sensitive skins. 


They are not meant to serve as a best usage amount. 

Very often a perfectly satisfying result is achieved at lower doses.


  • In waxes other than body applications (soy wax, bees wax…): use a Maximum of 10% (IFRA: 100%)
  • Bath products: use on Epsom salts or liquid soaps to create scented baths salts, bubble baths and soaks: use up to 5% (IFRA:24.30%)
  • Body care: Oils, Lotions &creams, massage, soaps, shampoo, conditioners, waxes: maximum 3% (IFRA: 10.61%)
  • Face care: lotions & creams: maximum 1% (IFRA: 10.61%)
  • Hair care: shampoo and conditioner, hair masks, hair sprays: maximum 2% (IFRA: 24.30%)
  • To make perfumes with an alcohol base: maximum 5% (IFRA: max 10,61% to 24.30%)
  • Home fragrances, potpourri, laundry: use a maximum of 5% (IFRA:24.30%)
  • Cleaning products: dilute a maximum of 5% in liquid soaps, vinegar, alcohol… (IFRA: 24.30%)
  • Melt and pour soaps:  maximum of 5 % (IFRA:24.30%) 


Our natural cosmetic fragrances are not photosensitizing at the recommended doses.