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Free of colourants, preservatives, and fragrance, all our butters are 100% natural and pure. Vegetable body butters carry the same properties as carrier oils.

Unlike carrier oils, butters have a solid texture and appearance at room temperature, because of their even higher saturated fatty acid content. Butters like Macerated oil can be used by themselves, as emollients, or as a carrier agent to essential oils, other oils, butters, and natural ingredients to create your very own customized beneficial and targeted skin and body care regimen.


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SHEA BUTTER RAW UNREFINED (Vitellaria paradoxa Butyrospermum parkii) 200 ml - eOil.co.za
AVOCADO BUTTER 100 % PURE  (Persea americana) 200 ml - eOil.co.za
MANGO KERNEL BUTTER PURE REFINED (Mangifera indica) 100 ml - eOil.co.za
SHEA BUTTER PURE REFINED (Vitellaria paradoxa Butyrospermum parkii) 200 ml - eOil.co.za
COCOA BUTTER 100 % PURE RAW UNREFINED (Theobroma cacao) 100 ml - eOil.co.za
MACADAMIA NUTS BUTTER PURE (Macadamia ternifolia) 200 ml - eOil.co.za
KOMBO BUTTER PURE RAW UNREFINED (Pycnanthus angolensis) 100 ml - eOil.co.za
AFRICAN BLACK SOAP BASE 200 ml - eOil.co.za