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PLEASE NOTE THAT: Our natural butters may melt naturally around 25 to 30 degrees C.


Free of colourants, preservatives, and fragrance, all our butters are 100% natural and pure. Vegetable body butters carry the same properties as carrier oils.

Rich in antioxidants, they help in preventing the formation of wrinkles. Restorative and soothing, butters regenerate the natural hydrolipidic film of the skin and hair. Butters reduce dehydration by leaving a protective film on the skin and thus protect against external aggression. Butter nourish, improve the elasticity and soften our skins and hair.


Because of the higher content in fatty acid, butters offer long-lasting protection to the dryer, atopic and chapped skins. They are perfect to use during our colder month when skins tend to dehydrate quicker.


Use our butters

  • pure, directly on the skin, to regenerate and protect chapped areas like cracked and dry lips, elbows, feet, and hands. Heat the butters slightly for a nourishing body massage. Apply butters as a mask to nourish the scalp or dried tips of the hair.


  • as a cosmetic ingredient, butters help to thicken and, to enrich the texture of your preparations (anti-ageing creams, protective creams, balms, ointments, milk, hair masks etc.). When you add butters to creams and lotions, especially hard butters, it is easier to warm them until just liquid. Then, using a whisk (manual or electric), pour your melted butter slowly on your base product (cream, lotion, conditioner) and blend well.

Recommended proportions for blending butters into:

  • Lotions & Creams: 2 - 20 %
  • Balms: 5 – 100 %
  • Hair Conditioners: 1 – 10 %


  • And if you like making your soaps, butters are rich in unsaponifiable, perfect allies for the creation of highly moisturizing, conditioning, vitamin loaded, soft textured soaps.

PLEASE NOTE THAT: Our natural butters may melt naturally around 25 to 30 degrees C.

But do not worry! The melting can change the appearance of the product on the surface but will not degrade its properties. Vegetable butters should become solid again within a few hours (or sometimes days, depending on the butter). We kindly recommend that you store your butters in the fridge in hot weather, and to always keep them in a fresh/cool environment at room temperature otherwise