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USP= US Pharmacopeia.
Glycerin/ Glycerine 99.7% USP from sugarcane, is an allergen-free, non-GMO, and BSE free , used products less watery or reduce water activity in food products, personal care products, bubble mixtures, e-cigarette liquids, hand sanitizers, and much more

Food and Pharma Grade



  • Vegetable glycerin dissolves in water and alcohol but does not dissolve in oil.
  • Vegetable Glycerin must be used cold in your preparations. DO NOT HEAT or incorporate in candles.
  • For cosmetic uses, vegetable glycerin must always be diluted to avoid skin irritations. DO NOT USE PURE DIRECTLY ON SKIN AND HAIR.
  • Add glycerol to water or hydrosols first. Then incorporate into you creams, butters...
  • Please respect the recommended doses in our table (see below) when using our vegetable glycerin for your hair and skin care. In any case, do not exceed the 10 % maximum percentage blend. More than that and the moistening effect of glycerol may be completely reversed, attracting all the moisture present in your skin and hair, and drying them out!
  • Our vegetable glycerin is suitable for all skin and hair types, especially dry and dehydrated skin and hair.
  • Do not hesitate to perform skin tests in small areas.


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    Vegetable glycerin



    Vegetable glycerin



    Vegetable glycerin


    10 g

    0.2 g (0.15 ml)

    0.5 g (0.4 ml)

    1.0 g (0.8 ml)

     30 g

    0.6 g (0.5 ml)

    1.5 g (1.2 ml)

    3.0 g (2.4 ml)

    50 g

    1.0 g (0.8 ml)

    2.5 g (2.0 ml)

    5.0 g (4.0 ml)

    100 g

    2.0 g (1.6 ml)

    5.0 g (4.0 ml)

    10.0 g (8.0 ml)

    250 g

    5.0 g (4 ml)

    12.5 g (10 ml)

    25.0 g (20.0 ml)



    For creams and lotions, mix vegetable glycerin in your water base before emulsification or add it at the end of preparation in the cooled emulsion. 1 to 8% (of the total weight of the preparation).

    For shower gels and shampoos, add 1 à 10% vegetable glycerin directly to your base shampoo or shower gel

    In toothpaste, make a paste by mixing 10 à 30% of vegetable glycerin with the ingredients of your toothpaste.



    To clean windows and faucets: add a teaspoon of vegetable glycerin to 1 litre of water.

    For stains on linen: Rub some vegetable glycerin directly onto the stain, let the glycerin work for about 1 hour and rinse the excess off. Proceed to wash as usual.

    To protect delicate laundry (wool): add 1 teaspoon of vegetable glycerin to 1 litre of home-made laundry soap.




    Hydroglycerin extracts aka glycerites are a great alternative to alcohol-based tinctures, another way to extract and preserve your herbs, aromatic and other plant material. Hydroglycerin extracts are made of fresh or sometimes dried beneficial or aromatic plants, macerated in spring water and vegetable glycerin mixture. They are also extremely useful in the preparation of creams, cosmetics, and soaps.


    Make sure your herbs or plant material are clean. Use a water/glycerin mixture as a maceration solvent:

    • If using dried herbs use 75% vegetable glycerin for 25% of spring water - the higher the percentage of glycerin, the better the macerate can be preserved even in the absence of preservatives (above 50-60% glycerin).
    • If using fresh herbs/plant material, use 100% vegetable glycerin.
    • Method:
      • Chop your dry herbs/plant material well.
      • Fill a glass jar ½ way with dried plants, 2/3 way with fresh plants.
      • In a separate bowl, combine our 100% natural Vegetable Glycerin with spring water to make the maceration medium/solvent according to dry or fresh material. Mix and Shake.
      • Pour the maceration mixture to over the plants. The solvent must cover the plants completely and to the brim.
      • Close your jar hermetically, label with all information on plant, ratio, and date.
      • Agitate daily, for 4-6 weeks.
      • Strain, filter (Tee-shirt or cheesecloth), pour in dark glass bottles and label.
    • This type of macerate can be used up to 5 to 10% in your preparations (glycerites shelf life is 1 to 2 years)