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  • Our Aloe vera gel in liquid form is 100% pure, from organically cultivated Aloe Vera in South Africa.

They come with a spray. We offer the natural version (yellowish to pale brown) and the clear (decolourized by active charcoal filtration). Pure Aloe vera gel extracts are NEVER GREEN because it is the clear inner gel that is extracted. The gel once extracted from the leaves turns into liquid. That is why it is sometimes called “Juice”.

Aloe vera extracts come in different strength or concentration, from the 1:1- the straight Aloe Vera leaf inner gel - to the concentrate 10:1, Aloe vera gel (by ultra-filtration) and its lightest version the 1:10 hydrosol.

  • Our Aloe vera body gels come ready-to-use in gel form, with a pump, and are made using a minimum of 97% of pure Aloe vera liquid extracts concentrated (10:1). We offer both the original (Dark yellow to amber) and the Clear versions.
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Aloe Vera body GEL clear, fragrance-free
Aloe Vera HYDROSOL natural 100 ml
ALOE VERA LIQUID 1:1 (Aloe barbadensis) 100 ml - eOil.co.za
Aloe vera original body GEL concentrated fragrance free
aloe vera pure gel 10:1 concentrated liquid form eoil.co.za
ALOE VERA PURE NATURAL GEL LIQUID (Aloe barbadensis) 100 ml - eOil.co.za