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A note on the ingredients composing our natural botanical fragrance oil.

Our Natural fragrance oil are 100% concentrated Natural Botanical aromatic blends that can be diluted to create your naturally fragranced products. 

To make Natural fragrances, Natural Perfumers blend essential oils, fractions or isolates of essential oils (compounds obtained by fractional distillation of essential oils) or extracts obtained from plant raw materials through ecological processes such as fermentation or hydrolysis.


Aromatic ingredients from Nature used to create our Natural Fragrance oils include:

  • BOTANICAL RAW MATERIALS: dried or grounded flowers, barks, seeds, leaves, twigs, roots, peels…
  • RESINS AND GUMS: Materials that some plants (pine…) exude, dried sap of trees.
  • PURE AND COMPLETE, UNMODIFIED ESSENTIAL OILS distilled from natural raw materials by steam distillation or CO2 distillation, by mechanical expression or cold-pression (peels). See the page on essential oils and the distillation process here.
  • EXTRACTS obtained from pure essential oils themselves, by extending the distillation process and isolating or removing specific molecules. These processes are called fractional distillations, rectifications, and molecular distillations to obtain terpene-less oils, folded oils, and natural aromatic isolates (linalool, cineole…)
  • OTHER DISTILLATION PRODUCTS like hydrosols, floral waters.
  • MACERATED OILS, Infused oils, and Attars.
  • CONCRETE & ABSOLUTE: Some very fragrant flowers like Lilies, Lilac, Jasmin, Frangipani, Tuberose, Lotus... contain little or very fragile aromatic molecules. That makes the classic extraction of their essential oil difficult. The heat or steam used during distillation process destroys the aromatic compounds. The results are a minimal yield or even fragrant extracts qualities that are disappointing compared to the real scent of the flower. The extraction via Concrete and Absolute allows for the efficient extraction of these flowers ‘scents, with faithful results. The natural methods that are used follow a process of infusion of flowers materials in warm oils (enfleurage= flowers in oil), or volatile solvents followed by distillation, and evaporation to eliminate all traces of solvent and keep only the extremely concentrated fragrant compounds.
  • VEGETABLE WAXES: Rosehip, Rhus…


Concentrated Natural fragrance like ours are based completely on natural extracts with zero synthetic aromas, additives, or fixatives, and remain volatile essences. Depending on the support used to dilute them (oil based or alcohol based), they will have a limited hold on the skin. 

Classic perfumes are largely or entirely synthetic. They are created by expertly blending thousands of labs generated aroma chemicals and synthetic perfumery ingredients with fixatives and additives. They are potent and have a hold and sometimes a trail. 

So, if you are after heavy, heady, potent, long lasting, trailing perfumes, our Natural fragrances might not be the answer for you.

By mixing a natural fragrance oil in a natural support, you can create a 100% natural fragrant product. Following are few natural supports you may want to choose to achieve just that:

  • Perfumes are made by diluting fragrances into alcohol: To create Natural perfumes you can use a naturally sourced Ethanol from grain, grapes, beetroots or sugar cane or an unflavoured, bland Vodka.
  • To create fragrant oily compounds like body oils, balms you can use Carrier oils, butters, and waxes. 
  • You can also use neutral creams and lotions, soaps, shampoos, botanical potpourri, and more.

You will find information specific each natural fragrance application, safe use, and dilution percentage, on the product page.