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Stockists - Wholesalers - Network Sales

At eOil.co.za, we are primarily an online retail store. This implies that our operations and services are targeted at individual customers who wish to purchase our products for personal use or in smaller quantities.

It's worth mentioning that we do not operate with a wholesale or network of resellers structure. This is a conscious decision that aligns with our aim to maintain high-quality control and provide superior customer service to all our patrons.

That being said, we are fully aware that some of our products find their way into the shelves of pharmacies, spas, and aromatherapy centers. This is due to these businesses making purchases from us and subsequently offering the products to their customers. While we do not explicitly support such reselling arrangements, we do not prohibit it either. It's crucial to understand that any support, discounts, or benefits offered by eOil.co.za are strictly for the initial purchaser and do not extend to any secondary transactions.

In terms of discounts and promotions, eOil.co.za offers various opportunities for our customers to avail themselves of savings. We offer a 10% discount in the form of redeemable points on all orders. We also run regular sales and bundle offers that present excellent value for your money.

For orders that exceed 30 000 Rand (excluding VAT and transport), we offer an additional 10% in redeemable points. This is our way of showing appreciation for your significant purchases and trust in our products.

We trust this clears up any questions regarding our business model and discount structure. We pride ourselves on transparency and are always willing to address any queries or concerns you may have.

the eOil team