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The benefits of Aloe Vera for the skin


Much more than fashionable decorative house plants, Aloe vera is widely recognized and used for the natural gel in their leaves and its special benefits in health and body care.

Our 100% pure Aloe vera liquid-gels are extracted from Aloe vera grown on organic farms in South Africa.

Our Aloe vera pure liquid-gel is the liquid extracted from the gel contained in Aloe vera leaves.

From fresh leave to extract, from plant to liquid, only the form has changed, nutriments and bio benefits remain unchanged.  

    Aloe vera is ultra-rich in vitamins and minerals

    Of the three hundred existing Aloe species, Aloe vera is one of the few with beneficial cosmetic virtues. Used since the antiquity, Aloe plants thrive in hot and dry climates. It has adapted by storing most of the nutriment and water it needs within the natural jelly or gelatinous substance of its generous leaves. It is that “jelly” that is known as the Aloe gel. On farms, the Aloe leaves are harvested throughout the year to collect the precious raw gel. It contains no less than two hundred components, including about 20 minerals and a dozen vitamins.
    More than eighteen amino acids including seven essentials (not produced by the body), polysaccharides (complex sugars), enzymes and proteins. Aloe vera has unrivalled properties for regenerating and softening the skin.

    Aloe vera is an exceptional moisturizer!

    The plant's juice contains 85% of water rich in minerals and vitamins, which supply skin cells. This ensures a strong moisturizing power, further enhanced by its poly- and monosaccharides content-Sugars that can retain and store water. Studies have also shown that aloe vera has a positive effect on the barrier function of the corneal layer. In other words, water remains "trapped" into the skin and can no longer evaporate...!

    Aloe vera boosts the regeneration of cells

    Thanks to its healing qualities, aloe vera can help regenerate skin tissues. A useful property for repairing irritated or damaged skins

    Indeed, its molecules stimulate the growth of fibroblasts. Located in the derma, these cells produce collagen, which gives the skin a youthful and bouncing appearance. By accelerating, cell renewal, Aloe vera limits the appearance of wrinkles. It improves the appearance of the epidermis, which surface appears firmer and smoother.

    The gel soothes irritation

    Hemostatic, bactericidal, anesthetic, and healing, Aloe vera works wonders on burns and small wounds, while soothing the pain. It contains steroids (natural hormones) and polysaccharides, which have anti-inflammatory properties.

    It is found in after-sun or softening treatments against skin irritations to soothe weakened skin and reduce inflammations.

    Aloe vera is a wonderful soft exfoliator

    Because it also has a slightly exfoliating enzyme action (it gently removes dead cells) thanks to the salicylic acid it naturally contains. Aloe Vera gel is also astringent (it tightens tissues and help decrease the onset of blackheads).

    An ideal choice for all skins.

    Use moderately on sensitive skin.

    How to use Aloe vera:


    For your hair and everyday skin care, you can use pure aloe vera inner gels in liquid form ( they come with a spray)


    Cleanse your skin with your liniment (a mixture of natural pure clay & water and/or hydrosol), then apply the Aloe vera gel and let it dry for 10 minutes. Do not it rinse off. You can then apply a hydrating oil, cream, lotion or even a serum 10 minutes later. If you have an oily skin, use aloe vera every night in replacement of your serum.

    Use as an After-shave to soothe, disinfect and prevent ingrowth

    To use as an exfoliator, apply or spray Aloe vera on a clean, dry skin. Wait for the gel/spray to dry completely. Then dip the tip of your fingers in water and massage softly. Rinse off and apply a moisturizer of your choice.

    You can combine Your liquid Aloe vera liquid gel with:

    • A drop of essential oil diluted in Vegetable glycerine
    • Our serums
    • Hyaluronic acid
    • Neutral gels
    • Hydrosols
    • Clays