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 eoil.co.za infographic on carrier & macerated oils and butters




What are they? 

Put simply, Virgin Plant Oils or Vegetable oils are called Carrier oils when their use is dedicated to wellness, massages, body, nails, hair, and face care. Used alone or in association with Essential oils or other carrier oils and natural extracts or ingredients, their function is then to “carry” the nutriments and specific properties of the associated natural product.

Each Carrier oil has its very own specific and sometimes unique properties, besides being wonderfully nourishing, moisturizing, and protective. Carrier oils are charged with indispensable essential fatty acid (Omega -3, -6,) crucial to our health and wellbeing and are rich in natural Vitamins A, E, B, C, D, E, K, B3, and F.

Carrier oils are all emollient and have been used for the longest time for our skincare.

How are they obtained?

All our carrier oils are 100% pure and obtained by cold pressing of the pips, kernels, or seeds, of the plant. The cold process of extraction ensures that the oils natural characteristics are not altered or altogether lost, by contact with excessive heat. The oils obtained are then decanted through successions of mechanic filters (grids, colanders, and papers) to remove the crushed shells and remaining vegetal debris. No high heat, high pressure, chemical solvents, or additional chemical processing are ever involved in the obtention of our Carrier oils.


What are they?

Most aromatic plants, (the distillation of which gives us the wonderful essential oils) are not oleaginous and therefore cannot yield vegetable oil/carrier oils.

To be able to benefit from the specific properties of both the essences and the oils, our ancestors had the insight to combine them in one operation they called Maceration or Infusion.

Macerated Oils are, therefore “Boosted Carrier Oils”.

How are they obtained?

Parts of the aromatic plant, valued for their inherent properties, are chopped and immersed in a neutral vegetable oil, often sunflower. This combination of neutral oil and aromatic plants parts is then subjected to sunlight for a length of time, to promote the transfer of the plant's active ingredients into the neutral oil. Once the maceration process is achieved, the vegetable oil is no longer neutral. The oily infusion obtained has become a carrier oil loaded with the beneficial active properties of the aromatic plant: a macerated oil.


What are they?

Our butter, like carrier oils, are vegetable fats, cold-pressed from oleaginous plants. Depending on its composition of fatty acids, the fat will be liquid – carrier oils - or thick, or even solid -vegetable butter- at room temperature. Just like our carrier oils, body butters are moisturizing, help protect the skin, are rich in essential nutrients and vitamins. Butters are highly versatile to use and well suited for a wide range of skin, cosmetic and hair care applications and contribute to the viscosity and stability of emulsions.

You can use our natural butter pure, just as they are. Heat them slightly, in the palm of your hand or in an oil burner, and butter becomes liquid and easier to apply, even better absorbed when massaged on a warmed skin. By combining our butter with essential oils, carrier oils, lotion, and cream bases, you can create a personal range of body, hair, beard care, and massage blends to best suit your individual needs.

 How are they obtained?

Our unrefined, RAW, butter are traditionally crafted, crushed, cold-pressed (less than 40 ̊C) and extracted from the dried kernels, nuts, pip or pulp of the plant, like they have been for hundreds of years. The virgin oils are collected and bottled (first extraction), while the remaining oily paste is pressed a second time to produce the butter, which is then allowed to cool and solidify. As can be expected with any artisanal products there will be slight variations in colour, texture, scent, and other characteristics between one batch of raw butter to the next.

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