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When a carrier oil or even a butter is applied, it leaves your skin feeling more or less oily.

This is due to the properties, specific to each carrier oil, and to the state of your skin at the time of application.

The property of the oil: Each oil has different a fatty acid composition which leads to a different “affinity” with the skin. The stronger the affinity with the skin, the faster the oil penetrate and is absorbed, the less oil remains on the surface. Your skin feels

“dry” to the touch. Hence the name “dry” oils.

Dry oils are higher in omega 3 and omega 6 and penetrate faster into the skin.

Heavy oils are higher in omega 9, will be slower to penetrate, and are more likely to leave an oily film on your skin, for a while longer.

Your skin: the condition of your skin at the time of application, is the other key factor to influence the good rate of absorption of an oil.

When your skin is permeable, supple, and soft, the oils penetrate easy and are quickly absorbed. You will also need to apply less oils to feel moisturized and hydrated.

In contrast, a dry, parched, cracked, and hardened skin will need more time and persuasion to make the oil penetrate.

Prepare your skin: Pamper yourself to a good body scrub once a week, or for very dry and scaly skin, gentle daily exfoliations, always applied to wet skins. Exfoliation to remove the dry coat of dead cells and activate the skin microcirculation, is an effective way to prepare your skin to receive the moisturizing benefits of your oils and creams. Follow by regular, daily moisturization to maintain your skin supple and in turn, make it easy for oils to penetrate and protect.

Choose your oil: Face, hair, or body condition, changes in seasons and weather, age, or health circumstances, are all factors to guide your choices. Choose your oil according to YOUR specific needs, and of course, to your own preferences.

If you are looking at maintaining a general good condition or if you prefer a lighter feeling oil, that you can use all day, then a dry oil is for you.

If, on the other hand, your goal is to recondition, deeply nourish or repair, a medium to heavier oil will help you achieve and sustain fantastic results. Heavier oils are best used over night or to target specific areas of concern. They can be mixed with lighter oils for ease of application and for added benefits.

A few examples of Dry, Medium, and Heavy oils.