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Essential oils - Ingestion - Take orally

While some essential oils can be safely used in small amounts for culinary purposes or under the guidance of qualified practitioners in certain regions, we are not able to recommend or advise on internal use for medical reasons.

Here's why:

- Safety concerns: Essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts. Ingesting them improperly can potentially cause irritation or adverse reactions.

- Legal and regulatory differences: The internal use of essential oils is more common in some European countries, but is generally not recommended in the UK, US, and many other places without professional guidance.

- Lack of medical oversight: As an online retailer, we cannot provide the individualized medical assessment needed to safely recommend internal use.

- Liability issues: We must be cautious about making any medical claims or recommendations regarding our products.

- Effective external uses: Essential oils can provide many benefits through external application and aromatherapy without the risks of ingestion.

As stated on our website:

"eOil.co.za is an online store, specializing in a wide range of essential oils, carrier oils, bases, waxes, and other wellness products. Many of our products have reported health benefits. However, we are not medical professionals. Please consult with your health care practitioner or doctor if you are seeking medical advice.

eOil.co.za declines any responsibility in the event of an accident, injury or injuries suffered by anyone who performs self-medication based on the information contained in this site."

I hope this helps explain our position. If you're interested in exploring internal use, I'd recommend consulting a qualified aromatherapist or healthcare provider in your area who can provide personalized guidance.