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eOil "Nature & Discovery" Marketplace

Operation of the eOil "Nature & Discovery" Marketplace

The eOil.co.za Marketplace is a platform made available by eOil Nature & Discovery, allowing registered professional sellers ;

to get in touch with buyers (customers), in order to offer them products for sale, 

to reference and describe these products, 

to accept orders placed by buyers, 

To collect the price of products purchased and 

To manage after-sales service for products sold.

Thus, on the same article sheet, the Internet user has the possibility of choosing between the different offers proposed by the partner sellers.

The transactions carried out on the Marketplace for the purposes of the sale of the Products are concluded directly between the buyer and the seller. 

eOil Nature & Discovery is in no way a reseller of the products offered by sellers through the eOil.co.za Marketplace.

Relations between eOil Nature & Discovery and partner sellers are governed by the Partnership Contract. 

It specifies the conditions under which eOil Nature & Discovery provides partner sellers with the technological tools enabling them to sell the products offered on the eOil.co.za Marketplace.

It is accepted by partner sellers before opening their account to use the eOil.co.za Marketplace.

The use of the eOil.co.za Marketplace by partner sellers is subject to remuneration as set out in the General Terms and Conditions of the Partnership.

This remuneration has no impact on the ranking of offers from partner sellers.

The prices of the offers of the partner sellers correspond to the prices of the products offered. 

The costs applied for their delivery are also indicated.

The commercial guarantees of the products offered vary according to their nature.

The product sheets present in an exhaustive way the offers proposed by the partner sellers.

Offers from partner sellers are updated as the offers are updated by partner sellers via the tools made available to them.

The methods for settling disputes are indicated in article 5.4 of the General Terms and Conditions of the Partnership applicable to transactions on the eOil.co.za Marketplace.

Referencing conditions

To use the eOil.co.za Marketplace platform and make offers, sellers must first register for the service and accept the General Terms and Conditions of Partnership and the eOil.co.za Marketplace Partnership Agreement.

To be referenced by eOil Nature & Discovery, in addition to being a professional seller from a Member State of the European Union and having justified this, the seller must have contracted with eOil Nature & Discovery at the end of a validation process covering both the quality of the seller only on the ranges of Products offered.

After validation and approval of the contract, each seller has access to a technical solution allowing him to put his catalog of Products online, which must:

  • be new goods,
  • not contravene the regulations in force and the rights of third parties,
  • not be discriminatory or incite violence or racial, religious or ethnic hatred,
  • not present a danger to health, safety or the environment,
  • not to undermine public order, good morals,
  • not be stolen goods.

In addition, in order to ensure the quality of the platform, the activity of the sellers is controlled, in particular thanks to the following criteria:

  • The average seller ratings, left by buyers
  • The number of sales made
  • The speed to accept and ship an order
  • The speed and quality of its customer service and after-sales service

The products that may be offered by sellers on the Marketplace must correspond to the product universes that already exist on the site so that the Marketplace offers complement the range of the existing offer offered by eOil.co.za

Failure to comply with the Conditions of the platform is likely to lead to temporary or definitive delisting under the conditions in article 8 of the General Conditions of Partnership below.

Duration - Suspension - Termination


This Contract is concluded for an indefinite period from the date of its signature. Each Party may terminate it at any time by giving one month's notice by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

Suspension – Termination

In the event of a breach by the Partner of any of its obligations hereunder, eOil Nature & Discovery may, after formal notice sent by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, remained without effect for a period of 15 days running from the first presentation date