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Hydroglycerin Tinctures (Glycerites)


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What are Hydroglycerin Extracts?

Hydroglycerin extracts also called or Hydro-glycerol extracts, or sometimes simply Glycerites are 100% pure natural herbal products.

Glycerine is another of the solvents that has been used traditionally to extract and preserve the properties of Plants.

Glycerine plant extracts are prepared by submerging entire plant or their parts in a mixture of glycerine and water (menstruum) and letting them macerate/infuse for several weeks/months.

After filtration to remove plant material, the final product is a mixture of glycerine and water charged with the plant’s properties with a wide variety of applications.

Hydroglycerin are Hydrophiles extracts (attracted to and dissolved by water)

The Hydro-glycerine menstruum can extract the polysaccharides, flavonoids, tannins, saponins, anthocyanins (red, purple, blue, or black) pigments, and the vitamin C contained naturally in the plant’s molecules.

However, Hydroglycerin menstruum does not extract all the plant molecules, only the ones that can be dissolved in water. Contrary to the alcohol-based Tinctures who are more complete extractions (including aromatic compounds etc….)

The glycerine that is used for our extracts comes exclusively from plant sources (Glycerol).

Hydroglycerin/ Glycerine Extract uses and applications:

Hydroglycerin extracts are soluble in water and water-based products. Hydroglycerin extracts can be taken orally and included in a variety of formulations:


  • Easily added to creams, gels and other topicals base products, for well-being formulas as well as in natural cosmetics
  • In food preparations, may be added to syrups, drinks, and other suspensions Added to your syrups and other milk, yogurts, smoothies, juices…for flavouring or wellbeing support

You may prefer Hydroglycerin Plant extracts for the following reasons:

  • Hydroglycerin extracts are ALCOHOL-FREE: Being alcohol free, Hydroglycerin extracts are the preferred plant extract for children and are suitable for cultural, traditional, and alcohol-free choices.
  • Hydroglycerin extracts are SWEETER TASTING: Being glycerol based, they are softer to the palate and sweeter tasting than ethanol-based (Mother tinctures) plant extracts.