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SYNERGIES – a little word that says “together we work better”

“the interaction or cooperation of two or more substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.”

Welcome to our Synergies section where we share with you, our choice of great synergies of Essential oils and Carrier oils. More than just assortment of individual essential oils or carrier oils presented side by side, these are super buddies and accomplices. When teamed together, they achieve even greater results for the delight of our senses and the benefit of our wellbeing. A Synergy in the world of essential oils is what an Orchestra is to individual instruments.

Our Synergies come to you “ready-to-combine” rather than ready-made. DISCLAIMER ON RECIPES & SYNERGIES

As we really enjoy learning and getting to know what each plant extracts can do, how they sound alone, we are amazed by their powerful results when combined and working together in synergy.

We wanted to share that pleasure, with you. We know you will enjoy following the formulas or partitions. We hope that you will enjoy playing the music of essential oils and that, with time and experience, you will be tempted to try your own and direct your own orchestra.

Maestro, Enjoy!

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eoil.co.za recipe synergy to help relieve cramps, aches and pains in your neck muscles. Eucalyptus rosemary wintergreen gaultheria vetiver st john's wort essential and carrier oils
recipe synergy eoil.co.za massage soothing calming relieve tensions lower back pain wintergreen pine eucalyptus lavandin st john's wort essential & carrier oils
eOil.co.za massage recipe synergy essentials and carrier oils muscle cramps helichrysum, wintergreen, marjoram, castor, lavandin
Essential oils sprains massage synergy recipe
eOil.co.za massage recipe synergy essential and carrier oils muscle aches bay laurel, wintergreen, arnica, lavandin