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Grains of Paradise - 60 Capsules - Herbal Collection

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Grains of Paradise - 60 Capsules - Herbal Collection

 Aframomum melegueta



    May help with


    • diarrhea
    • weight loss
    • aphrodisiac
    • Asthma
    • arthritis


    Source : http://www.wikiphyto.org/wiki/Poivre_de_Guinee


    Reference on http://www.wikiphyto.org


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    plant name


    Guinea Pepper, Maniguette , Seed of Paradise


    International Latin denomination


    Aframomum melegueta Rosc. or Aframomum exscapum


    botanical family




    Description and habitat


    • Reed grass, native to West Africa, reaching 2 meters in height
    • Leaves lanceolate alternate, narrow
    • Flowering low to the ground, beautiful large waxy flowers
    • The fruit is a red, leathery, pear-shaped, ribbed berry, 8-10 cm long
    • Thick, pulpy, tangy pericarp, containing many reddish, pyramidal seeds, the size of a peppercorn , with a camphorous odor and an acrid, burning flavor


    History and tradition



    Parts used



    Dosage forms available



    Usual dosages




    Main components of the plant



    Main components of buds or young shoots


    Main components of essential oil





    Plant properties


    • Anti-oxidant, contains shogaols and paradol , among the most powerful anti-free radicals
    • Antiviral
    • Interesting potential in obesity [2]


    Bud properties



    Properties of essential oil


    • Antioxidant , contains shogaols and paradol anti-free radicals among the most powerful
    • Aphrodisiac, increases sexual activity in rats (increases the erectile index of males as well as the frequency of penetrations and ejaculations) [3]
    • Antiviral




    Indications of the whole plant (phytotherapy)


    • Labial and genital herpes
    • Arthritis and polyarthritis
    • Asthma
    • Cancer (?)


    Indications of the bud (gemmotherapy)


    Specific indications of essential oil (aromatherapy)


    • Labial and genital herpes
    • Arthritis and polyarthritis
    • Asthma
    • Cancer (?)
    • Obesity (?)


    Known or suspected mode of action


    • Eugenol is anticonvulsant , anti-infective, analgesic, anti-platelet aggregation


    Usual formulations




    Possible side effects and precautions for use


    Bibliographic references


    1. Aller↑ Koffi A. Muriel, ZF Tonzibo, Koua Oi Koua, G. Bedi, JC Chalchat. Essential Oil of Aframomum exscapum (Sims) Hepper from Côte d'Ivoire. Journal of Essential Oil Bearing Plants, Volume 14, Issue 3, 2011. DOI:10.1080/0972060X.2011.10643933
    2. Aller↑ Ekanem AP, Wang M, Simon JE, Moreno DA. Antiobesity properties of two African plants (Afromomum meleguetta and Spilanthes acmella) by pancreatic lipase inhibition. Phytother Res. 2007 Dec;21(12):1253-5. PMID: 17705140
    3. Aller↑ Kamtchouing P, Mbongue GY, Dimo ​​T, Watcho P, Jatsa HB, Sokeng SD. Effects of Aframomum melegueta and Piper guineense on sexual behavior of male rats. Behav Pharmacol. 2002 May;13(3):243-7. PMID 12122315
    • Franchomme Pierre, The science of aromatherapy vol. 1, no. 1 & 2


    Store in a cool, dry place, away from light. Keep tightly closed, away from the reach of Children and pets.

    Do not exceed the daily dose.


    This product is not intended to prevent or cure any form of illness or disease.

    If you are pregnant or nursing ; If you have a medical condition or are in the course of medical treatment ; If you are programmed for theater/operation in the near future, please consult your healthcare practitioner before using this product.


    This product cannot replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.


    This product has not been evaluated by the SAHPRA for its quality, safety or intended use.


    For More Information please check our General Safety Herbal products Page

    Customer Reviews

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    Wilhelm Niebuhr
    Absolutely brilliant product

    The effect on all lever of natural healing was instantaniously. I am hooked and will use it for the rest of my life. Lovie is also very happy in bed.