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Lily Absolute Oil

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Lily Absolute Oil - 5 ml & 50 ml

Lilium candidum

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INCI Name : lilium candidum (Lily) Flower absolute/ Absolute obtained from the Flowers of Lilium candidum, Liliaceae.

SYNONYM : Lilium candidum L.

CAS Number : 84776-67-0 EINECS Number : 283-996-1. 

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EXTRACTION METHOD: Organic extraction (Hexane free:)

PARTS USED: from freshly harvested blooming FLOWERS (petals concrete/Modern enfleurage techniques).

ORIGIN: France

COMMON NAMES: Absolue de lys, Madonna lily absolute, White Lily absolute, St. Anthony's lily absolute (Lys de la Madone, Lys de Saint Antoine)

APPEARANCE: Pale yellow to green, slightly viscous, fluid oil.

ODOUR:  Richly floral, lightly sweet, with fresh green undertones. Dry down is floral, fresh, citric. Very tenacious. Middle note.

QUALITY: 100 % pure natural, and whole absolute oil, from organically cultivated Lilium candidum (White lily) flowers. This absolute is compatible with organic dermo-cosmetic products and COSMOS labels. Pure plant (flowers) extract, undiluted. Free of solvents (ethanol) residues. For external applications only.


STORAGE CONDITION: Keep bottles tightly closed, in a cool, dry place protected from sunlight and heat sources. Store away from children and pets’ reach (especially cats).


PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS a pure undiluted Lily absolute Oil, a concentrated aromatic extract, -Not a macerated oil or a pre-blended product




  • This product is an Absolute oil, not an essential oil (In technical terms essential oils are the result of the steam-distillation of plant material. Concretes and their absolutes are concentrated from maceration/filtration processes of plant material- “Enfleurage”)


This is a concentrated extract. Its true aromatic nature might not be expressed by a simple whiff from the bottle. To better judge this absolute for the 1rst time, either apply 1 neat (undiluted)drop, onto a piece of paper (perfumers strip, or pot-pourri…) or add 1drop of your absolute to 3-4 drops of a neutral carrier oil or perfumers base (for skin/perfume testing). Leave to develop and come back regularly to assess the evolution of the aroma. If you use the paper method, do so in a well-ventilated area. Our own test, on perfumers ’strip, evolved and kept this absolute aroma for more than a week. Test on skin (1drop absolute diluted in 3 drops Jojoba oil; 1 drop applied to wrist) lasted and evolved for the day (We had to shower eventually!) Just a few drops are enough. Use with parsimony


Lilly ( Lillium auratum ) and Lilly of the Valley ( Convallaria majalis )

Here's a breakdown of Lily Absolute and Lily of the Valley Absolute, clarifying their differences, scents, and roles in perfumery:


Lily Absolute


  • Botanical Origin: While it's often just called "lily absolute," it usually comes from Lilium auratum, the Golden-rayed Lily of Japan, or other varieties of true lilies in the genus Lilium.
  • Scent Profile: Rich, intensely floral, warm, slightly spicy, and heady. It has hints of honey and a balsamic undertone.
  • Role in Perfumery: Lily absolute is a luxurious and complex floral heart note. It adds opulence and a narcotic sweetness to fragrances. It's often used in classic-style floral perfumes or opulent oriental fragrances.


Lily of the Valley Absolute


  • Botanical Origin: Derived from Convallaria majalis, a completely different plant than true lilies.
  • Scent Profile: Fresh, green, sweet, slightly watery floral with a delicate, ethereal quality. It has a touch of citrus and a soapy nuance.
  • Role in Perfumery: Lily of the Valley is a unique top note that adds a springtime freshness and an airy floral touch. It's frequently used in feminine, clean, and classic floral perfumes.


Key Differences to Avoid Confusion


  • Botanical Species: True lily absolute comes from the Lilium genus, while Lily of the Valley is derived from a different plant altogether.
  • Scent Character: Lily is richly floral, warm, and heady. Lily of the Valley is a delicate, fresh, and green floral.
  • Perfumery Roles: Lily is used for luxurious heart notes, while Lily of the Valley is best for airy top notes.

Important Note:  Lily of the Valley is quite difficult to extract as a natural absolute, 


Examples of Perfumes Featuring These Notes


  • Lily:

    • Dior J'adore
    • Frederic Malle Lys Mediterranee
    • Tom Ford Shanghai Lily


  • Lily of the Valley:
    • Dior Diorissimo
    • Penhaligon's Lily of the Valley
    • Guerlain Muguet


For well-being: general anti-inflammatory, calming, soothing to: PMS cramps, minor muscular discomfort; Cooling to minor burns; Antibacterial: to minor cuts, grazes. For Facial care: Antioxidant: regenerating, promote skin cell replacement, skin aging; Everyday care, for all skin types, delicate, sensitive skin, Mature skins, uneven skin tones and complexions, dull skin tones; For Hyperpigmentation; Ideal for skin prone to hyperpigmentation, pigmented skin, age spots, brown spots, dark spots, scars marks, pigmentation patches, melanin spots, sunspots, lentigos/ liver spots (solar lentigos, lentigos simplex...), melasma/chloasma (epidermal/ dermal/ mixed), acne marks, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, reduces the appearance of dark spots, Skin brightening, skin tone evening, skin lightening, Under eye bags, dark circles; For skin radiance, natural skin glow;  For irritable or irritated skins, skin prone to redness and heat sensations, sun burns, minor burns, rosaceaSoothing, calming, cooling; Calms skin prone to redness, sensitive skins; For Body care: for hands, neck, decolletage care; For high-end natural perfumes or fragrant products




Symbol of Innocence, chastity, and purity, associated by the Christians with the Virgin Mary (the Madonna), the Lilium candidum is well implanted in Europe. Madonna lily is extensively and organically cultivated in France. 


This rare and precious absolute oil is extracted in France, from the concrete of fresh Lilium candidum (Madonna lily) flowers. This complex aromatic extract is all together flowery, softly sweet-honeyed, and freshly green/citrussy with a just a touch of spice. 

It is very tenacious, delicately floral, and sweet, without being overpoweringly so.


Madonna lily flowers are reputed to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties for both well-being and skins. The absolute comes recommended as a specialty ingredient for all localized skins hyperpigmentation concerns, for its soothing and cooling properties to irritated skins. Its natural properties on promoting cell regeneration, are said to help restore radiance and luminosity to dull skins. Its gentle floral fragrance remains, delicate, on the skin, for a long time, diffusing its joyous, mood-uplifting and balancing scent.


Use this beautiful natural absolute to make your very own superb, luxurious perfumes, or to prepare an infused oil that you can then add to countless of skincare or hair care bases. 

To enjoy the delicate perfume and the real skin benefits, just a few drops will suffice to naturally and durably fragrance your skin, hair, and body care special treatments.


Fresh Lily petals: 

Are used in phytotherapy and herbal concoctions to make alcoholic tinctures, infused oils, or water infusions, that are added in balms, poultices, bandages (natural plasters) or pastes, for external uses to promote a faster recovery of skin ulcers and inflammations, boils, finger ulcers, skin redness and heat, burning sensation, minor burns, minor wounds.(Lilium candidum infused or macerated oils can easily be made by submerging fresh Madonna lilies petals in a carrier oil- Grapeseed, olive, sunflower, jojoba… oil .That infusion or maceration is applied on bruises, minor burns,… like one does with Arnica or Calendula)

White lilies type of extracts: 

All parts of Madonna Lilies plant, bulbs, leaves and flowers, have been used, for their many benefits to health, since ancient times.

Different Lilies extracts exist on the market that are obtained either from:

  • The bulbs alone used fresh, dried, reduced to powder, in alcohol or water infusions make tinctures or water infusions. (Lilium candidum extract- bulb)
  • The bulb and aerial parts (leaves, stems and flowers): are used fresh or dried, reduced to powders or infused in alcohol or water to make tinctures or water infusions (Lilium candidum extracts – whole plant)

The above extracts are not fragrant but are charged with abundant beneficial biomolecules. Those extracts are used mainly in phytotherapy and by the pharmaceutical industry ( as food and health supplement, applications for skin, in medicines…)

Indeed, Lilies flowers volatile aromatic (fragrant) properties are dissipated by drying processes (so, no naturally fragrant lily powder) and are destroyed in steam distillation (poor or null aroma quality). Lilies’ petals fragrant volatiles compounds only transfer, fresh into oils.


The flowers: petal and pistils- are submerged fresh in oil infusions (low temperature) or macerations (solar) to create: 

  • Fragrant Lily macerated oils: petals in oils left to macerate and then filtered. Used for skincare applications (Lilium candidum extract- XX oil + flowers).
  • Concretes and absolutes (our product): from modern maceration techniques and step concentration processes and filtration to obtain a highly aromatically charged extracts. Used in Aromatherapy, Cosmetic aromatherapy, to fragrance high end cosmetics and in Perfumery. (Lilium candidum extract- Extrait-Concrete or Absolute)

About Lily flower absolute EXTRACTION process

White Lily flowers fragrant molecules are amongst the notoriously impossible to extract BY STEAM DISTILLATION. However, those aromatic compounds can be successfully and qualitatively captured through oil infusion processes.

New methods of flower enfleurage (by Ultrasonic/Microwaves macerations in Vegetable oils) are now widely preferred by modern distillers of raw botanical ingredients, to obtain high quality concretes from fragile aromatic compounds. These modern, responsible processes do not use nor reject any harmful solvents (“Green extraction”/ Hexane-free/ Solvent recycling). The Lily concrete is a viscous, dark orange /yellow liquid. The Absolute is a yellow to pale green oil, slightly viscous but pourable.


  • muscle and joint aches & pains, reducing inflammation and improving localized circulation, when used with hands on massage treatments. 
  • To help reduce minor infections and inflammations, in minor burns, in skins with acne, folliculitis, and pimples.
  • To help even complexions, lightening, brightening, whitening, to promote fading of localized hyperpigmented marks and/or scars, to protect skin from hyperpigmentation from UV.
  • To promote skin radiance and/or lightening age spots including, but not limited to, and/or obtaining a more radiant, glowing, translucent or luminous skin tone appearance or a less yellow. 
  • In Dry, mature and sun damaged/ over-exposed skins. 


In Wellbeing 


In soothing, muscle and joints body massage, 

In cleansing bandages, cataplasms, compresses.


In Body care & beauty 


Body skincare, Face care: oils, creams, balms, gels, compresses, facial sprays, masks.


In Diffusion


Ultrasonic & Steam diffusion, Sprays, toners, home fragrance: in diffusers, wax fondants, meditation blends, pot-pourri


Other applications


  • Perfumery: High-end, luxury, niche, artisans, natural, one-of a kind… perfumery: body oils, perfumes, extraits, solid perfumes, paper and stationery, home ambiances


  • Anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, calming, soothing, analgesic. 
  • Antiseptic, anti-microbial.
  • Circulatory and phlebotonic. 
  • Anti parasitic, insecticidal, anti-fungal
  • Antioxidant (cell regeneration, scar healing).
  • Anti-hyperpigmentation: skin brightening, lightening, evening.



  • As an antioxidant agent,
  • As an anti-inflammatory agent,
  • As an antimicrobial agent,  
  • As a skin lightening agent,
  • As a natural aromatic/ fragrant agent


To create perfumes 

To make concentrated perfume bases with perfumer’s base (alcohol or oils) that will then be used in the elaboration of high-end natural perfumes.


Added to high end cosmetic as a natural Fragrance.


To Make infused oils that will then be applied:


In well-being purposes 


  • In comforting massages blend for inflamed muscles and joints
  • In circulatory toning massages or creams for congested veins, venous ulcers, haemorrhoids, or varicose veins. 
  • Skin concerns inflammations and irritations, skin congestion, poor circulation, in massages, balms, creams, lotions to promote healing and soothing: in abscesses, boils, panaris, carbuncles, frostbite, inflamed wounds, cuts, superficial wounds, light burns, cracks, bruises, insect bites, eczema rosacea.
  • For skin care cosmetics and beauty: in serums, Creams, lotions, gels aimed at
  • Lightening, Brightening, evening skin tone/complexion.
  • Lessening or fading pigmented spots, melanin spots, age spots, sunspots, lentigos, acne marks, hyperpigmentation from scars… 
  • To increase skin radiance, glow, translucency and/or luminescence
  • To improve Eye contour circulation, under eye bags, dark circles.


THIS IS a pure undiluted absolute Oil, not a macerated or pre-blended oil. Like most absolutes, it is a very aromatically concentrated extract, that MUST BE DILUTED IN the APPROPRIATE* SUPPORT OF YOUR CHOICE BEFORE ANY SKIN CONTACT APPLICATIONS


If you choose to use this absolute for your skin care, start by preparing a simple oil blend by adding a few drops of the absolute in 100ml of a neutral carrier oil (Jojoba, Grapeseed, Coconut MCT). This infused oil, you can then use as is, or to make: 


Face and neck care body care, sunscreens, Day, and night anti-pigmentation care 

cleansers, toners, sprays, creams, lotions, hair conditioner, face and hair masks, hair conditioners, serums…


(*) Appropriate support suggestions: carrier oils, botanical butter, botanical waxes (soy wax, candellila wax…) readymade creams, serums, lotions, conditioners, gels (aloe vera, Neutral gel), glycerol, powders… 


Safe Dilution ratios as per IFRA recommendations:


  • Up to 4% =1 to 8 drops of absolute per 10ml carrier oil:  for face, neck, eye contour uses (fingertips massages, targeted, localized uses) 
  • Up to 0.16% = up to 3 drops absolute per 100ml carrier oil: for armpits applications (deo-oils, rollers...)
  • Up to 0.2%= up to 4 drops of absolute per 100ml of carrier balm, cream, butter… for lips applications (lip butters or balms or oils)
  • Up to 2%= 2 to 4 drops of absolute per 10ml of carrier: for sunscreen (with zinc oxide, titanium dioxide in appropriate base cream or oil)
  • Up to 2,5%=2 to 5 drops of absolute per 10 ml of carrier :for face, body, hands use, in leave-on neutral base creams, lotions, massage oils, massage waxes…
  • Up to 3% = up to 6 drops per 10ml carrier for hair applications (serums, oils, leave-on conditioners) 
  • up to 5% = up to 10 drops per 10ml carrier (body perfumed oils)
  • Up to 7%= up to 14 drops per 10ml in home fragrances (sprays…) 
  • up to 12% = up to 24 drops per 10ml in Perfumes (concentrate)


Can be used neat, at 100% for all applications that are not intended for direct skin contact:

Diffusion: Ultrasonic Diffusers:  use alone or in blend/synergy for meditation or uplifting atmosphere: diffuse for up to 10 min, up to 3 times a day. In well ventilated areas, preferably 10 to 20 min before enjoying the room. Please read cautions. 



  • Niche, High-end, Artisans, One of a kind, Luxury…Natural Perfumery
  • Home sprays, scented items (fabric, paper, craft)

For more information, please go check this LINK TO Instructions of use essential oils page




Other Essential oils, in carrier oils, blended with neutral gels or Aloe vera gel. Get creative and use together with herbal tinctures, that are easy to add in your creams, serums, or gel. Example of tincture suitable for skins are:  Propolis tincture, Olive Leaf tincture, Marshmallow root tincture, Ginkgo Biloba Tincture…

  • For muscular spasms: with clary sage essential oil, lemon-scented Eucalyptus Katafray essential oil. 
  • Skin irritations, calming: Aloe vera or Hemp seed oil, Calendula oil with Chamomile essential oil.
  • For cleansing, Acne types, pimples: with Jojoba oil, Fragonia or tea tree, Bay leaf or Rosemary essential oil 
  • For mature skins wit Rosehip oil, sea buckthorn, Evening primrose, Rose geranium, Sandalwood essential oil, or Sandalwood nut oil...
  • For hyperpigmentation: Licorice carrier oil, Rice Bran oil, Hibiscus oil, Chaulmoogra oil, Celery seed oil (at night), Carrot seed oil, Bearberry tincture, Marshmallow root tincture.
  • Dull skins: with carrot root oil…
  • In perfumery: by itself; or with Orange, Grapefruit, Neroli, Mandarin, Bergamot, Yuzu, Petitgrain; Rose Geranium, Rose, Jasmin; Clary Sage, Basil, Cilantro; Sandalwood, Patchouli, Cedarwood, Vetiver, Benzoin; Black pepper, Cumin, cinnamon, myrrh, Clove bud, Cardamom essential Oils. 
  • Lily absolute is traditionally blended in Sunflower or Grapeseed carrier oils, but you can use your imagination and infuse it in naturally fragrant carrier oils (as bases) to create your own special perfumed body oil (Sandalwood nut oil, Monoï oil , Coconut virgin oil, Vanilla infused oil , Green tea (camelia) oil, Roasted Coffee or Green Coffee oils, Daisy oil, Raspberry oil, Meadowsweet oil…)


For more information, please go check this LINK TO Instructions of use essential oils page




  • The scent of Madonna lilies, as with many aromatic white flowers (Jasmine, White lotus,) is very diffusive, and can become heady, especially in warm /or confined rooms, and may promote headaches, nausea, or discomfort in pre-disposed or sensitive people.

It is therefore recommended, not to diffuse white lily absolute in bedrooms, to diffuse in well ventilated areas or to leave the windows open (as you would do with fresh flowers)


  • A word of caution for cat’s owners: They are reports that fresh lily plants seem to contain compounds (still unidentified) that are highly toxic to cats, and, from what we gather, only to cats. Contacts with the plant, every part, including water from cut flowers vases - then licking their coat for grooming - is often fatal. As a caution, we advise not to use this absolute on your skin, various supports, in diffusion, sprays… if you are a cat owner, groomer, sitter… (We could find no studies relating to the danger of this extract with cats, but as felines ‘sensory system is particularly developed and sensitive, we can only apply the same cautionary advice when it comes to the concentrated aromatic extract of the plant.)

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