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Oat herb / straw Herbal Extract ( Avena sativa ) - 50 ml

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Oat herb / straw Herbal Extract ( Avena sativa ) - 50 ml


     May help with


    • insomnia
    • thyroid problems
    • hypercholesterolemia
    • eczema


    Source : http://www.wikiphyto.org/wiki/Oat


    Reference on http://www.wikiphyto.org


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    plant name




    International Latin denomination


    Avena sativa L.


    botanical family


    Poaceae (Gramineae)


    Description and habitat


    • Cultivated annual cereal with a slender, hollow, unbranched stem, with linear, alternate, narrow, sheathing leaves, inserted on swollen nodes
    • Mobile spikelets hang down towards the end of flowering
    • 1 meter high


    History and tradition


    • Oat straw was once used to stuff mattresses to prevent rheumatism
    • Oats are stimulating, they are given to horses before the races
    • Porridge is a warm oatmeal porridge, most often with added milk and sugar, popular for breakfast in British countries


    Parts used


    • Green aerial parts harvested just before flowering
    • Seeds (cereal)


    Dosage forms available



    Usual dosages




    Main components of the plant



    Main components of buds or young shoots


    Main components of essential oil




    Plant properties


    • Very nutritious, fortifying although slightly sedative ( Avena sativa is curiously stimulating in the morning and soothing in the evening), neurotonic and slightly antidepressant
    • Stimulant, antispasmodic, antitumor, diuretic, neurotonic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, healing, immunomodulator, antidiabetic, cholesterol-lowering [1]
    • Flavones have a moderate estrogenic hormonal action
    • Mild thyroid stimulating effect and sleep regulator
    • Strengthens muscle functions during training and physical exercises
    • Oat tincture promotes smoking cessation ( gramine )
    • The stems of Avena sativa contain gramine , an indole alkaloid whose molecular structure is close to serotonin and dopamine. These two neurotransmitters play an important role in the consumption of cigarettes
      • Sedative (by gramine ), antispasmodic
      • Hypocholesterolemic, beta-glucans reduce total cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol (without interfering with HDL and triglycerides)
    • The consumption of oat seeds is accompanied by a drop in total cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol (approximately 0.13 mmol/L) [2]
    • Consumption of oat cereal reduces blood cholesterol and waist circumference as part of a low-calorie diet [3] , [4]
    • Fermented oats inhibit pancreatic lipase ( polyphenols  : caffeic acid , ferulic acid , p-coumaric acid ) and can be used in the dietary management of obesity [5]
    • Antitumor, diuretic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, healing, immunomodulating, antidiabetic [6]
    • Favorable effects on cognition, at a dose of 800 mg (flavonoids and triterpene saponins) [7] , but not with longer treatment [8]
    • Cereals ( rice , wheat , oats ) contain significant amounts of melatonin (of the order of several tens of ng per gram of fresh plant) [9]
    • Oats contain GABA [10]
    • The young shoots of Avena sativa contain a monoamine oxidase [11]


    Bud properties


    Properties of essential oil




    Indications of the whole plant (phytotherapy)


    • Nervous disorders and insomnia
    • Withdrawal from tobacco poisoning (formerly morphine)
    • Asthenia, states of exhaustion, demineralization, convalescence due to its exceptional richness in minerals
    • Thyroid failure
    • Hypercholesterolemia, reduces cardiovascular risks by lowering LDL-cholesterol [12]
    • Female infertility by anovulation
    • In local or general baths: pruritus, eczema, applications on inflammatory seborrheic skin and itching
    • The seed can be used cautiously in gluten-free diets


    Indications of the bud (gemmotherapy)


    Specific indications of essential oil (aromatherapy)


    Known or suspected mode of action


    • Gramine , an indole alkaloid has a molecular structure similar to that of serotonin and (less) dopamine
      • Gramine is a molecule that can serve as a synthesis intermediate for the preparation of various indole compounds [1].


    Usual formulations


    • 100 g of dried leaves and stems for a bath or equivalent preparations ( Commission E )





    Possible side effects and precautions for use


    • None known
    • Gramine is neither mutagenic nor genotoxic [13]


    Bibliographic references


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    Store in a cool, dry place, away from light. Keep tightly closed, away from the reach of Children and pets.

    Do not exceed the daily dose.


    This product is not intended to prevent or cure any form of illness or disease.

    If you are pregnant or nursing ; If you have a medical condition or are in the course of medical treatment ; If you are programmed for theater/operation in the near future, please consult your healthcare practitioner before using this product.


    This product cannot replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.


    This product has not been evaluated by the SAHPRA for its quality, safety or intended use.