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About Hydrosols vs. Floral Waters

Important Note About Hydrosols vs. Floral Waters:

A marketing confusion has been ingrained into the general public’s minds to the point that people now assimilate the term Floral water to that of Hydrosol.

In technical terms Floral Waters are not at all the same products as natural hydrosols. 

Floral waters are manufactured products, sometimes made with water-soluble synthetic fragrances, that are used to make linen sprays, face & hair mists, body splashes and other water-based products. 

Hydrosols, just as their essential oil counterpart, are the other beautiful natural product obtained when steam distilling aromatic plants. Essential oils are the concentrated extracts, while Hydrosols are the molecule infused water or distillate water and contain all the powerful water-soluble molecules of the distilled plant. 

So, check your labels. A pure, natural Hydrosol should contain just the name of the plant (Common and Latin name), the plant part it is extracted from along with the method of obtention that is steam distillation.