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All absolutes are extremely concentrated botanical extracts, rich in complex aromatic molecules.

Their aromas may appear as overpowering at first, and you may be put off by their strength.

To get a true sense of an aroma, especially concentrated one like absolutes and essential oils, one option is to apply a single drop or 2 neat on a piece of paper, or a perfumer strip. An even better option is to dilute just a drop of your extract in a 1 tablespoons of carrier oil or perfumer’s base. Let the extract infuse and make your assessment from this point on, coming back to your sample throughout the day, and week.

You can apply 1 drop of absolute neat on a piece of lining paper, fabric, or wood, in a potpourri, …on any inert support that will not directly be in direct contact with the skin and is placed away from heat sources. 

Before any sort of application on the skin, pure concentrated plant extracts must be pre-diluted.

A pre-dilution allows for the full complexity, the different olfactive layers of these complex extracts, to better release their aromas and express themselves.

  • When absolutes are diluted in an alcohol carrier (Perfumer’s bases), the product is reserved for Perfumery (Eau de toilette, Perfumes, Eau de parfums, room sprays, etc.…).
  • When absolutes are diluted in a carrier oil, vegetable butter, neutral cream bases…, the resulting product can be used to naturally fragrance your cosmetic skin or hair care, and to create perfumed balms, beauty oils, body and massage oils or traditional Attars.
    • UP to 1,5 % for uses on face (from 4 to 30 drops per 100ml carrier or neutral base)
    • UP to 2% for uses on body (from 4 to 40 drops per 100ml carrier or neutral base)
  • Always start by using absolute at the lower doses. Add a drop at time. Blends and assess. Do not exceed max. dosages.
  • Absolute like essential oils, dissolve in oily supports and high-grade alcohol (90° min). They are insoluble in water.