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How to use Hydrosols at a glance.

Hydrosol Storage Tips and Guidelines

For Cosmetic uses

  • Pure: as a tonic or astringent facial care, purifying, eye contour decongestant, gentle cleanser, energizing mist, refreshing.
  • As a pure active and naturally fragrant watery ingredient into your creams and lotion, foaming products, or gels. Use hydrosols instead of water in your formulas.

For Health and Wellness

  • In skin application: spray or mist when needed, to refresh or soothe,
  • As refreshing drinks: add 1 Tablespoon of hydrosol diluted in 1 liter of water and drink throughout the day. Hydrosol are becoming more popular by the day, as healthy refreshing drinks in their own right. They are also getting mixed into cocktails.
  • In an aromatic bath: add a Tablespoon of hydrosol to your bath water.

At home

For cooking: Flavor original dishes with hydrosols. Replace some of the water part in your recipe by hydrosol


Hydrosols are the softer version of essential oils. Anyone can use them, even pregnant women and babies. While hydrosols are way softer than essential oils, they still retain power, both in terms of smell and properties. They can be used in many ways. From your home pharmacy to your bathroom and vanity, to your home, laundry and cupboards, hydrosols will invade your interior and enchant your daily life.

Being mostly water base, hydrosols will not blend with oils.

Hydrosols contain the exact same active molecules as their essential oil’s counterpart. It is their lower concentration in the molecules that make them perfect substitutes for people who cannot enjoy the full power of essential oils. Pregnant women, children, sensitive users or anybody who wishes to use a softer version of the formidable oils.

Hydrosols are renowned for their use in skin and hair care. They rebalance the skin pH and are therefore perfectly suited for dry skin as well as for oily skins. Some are astringent, others purifying, regenerating, circulatory. Contrary to essential oils, Hydrosols, being mostly composed of water, are perfectly soluble in water. You can, therefore, use Hydrosols as a water-substitute-with-a-boost in all your skin and hair care recipes, and in all your household sanitizing favourite creations that would otherwise require water.


  • In the bath, for body or foot: Depending on the volume of water in your bath, add between 2 and 10 tablespoons of Hydrosol for a relaxing or sanitizing care.
  • In oral hygiene: acts as a mouth wash, dilute 1 Tablespoon (ADULTS) or 1 teaspoon (children) in a regular glass of water. DO NOT INGEST.
  • On compresses: For a prolonged application of a hydrolat, soak a compress with the hydrosol and apply it to the area to be relieved. (target sanitization, soothing eye masks…)
  • As natural spray for your face, cooling after sun for your bodies, sanitizing or natural fragrance for your home, linen and cupboards.
  • As an alternative to water in your ultrasonic diffusers or nebulizers.

And, but not only:

  • As tonifying waters for your face,
  • As facial cleansers
  • In mask mixt with powders (clays and powders)
  • As after-shampoo rinsing water