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What do we mean exactly when we say:

100% pure means not blended with other oils or other products. What is in the bottle or container is 100 % the plant extract mentioned only.

100 % natural means from vegetal origin only. No synthetic molecules added.

100 % whole means no chemical process involved to denature the extract. The product obtained is not manipulated, transformed, or rectified. The extract retains the same biological signature of the natural resource it was extracted from.

We support all the below certifications as per our suppliers

certifications as per our suppliers

Organic means that the plant from which the extract is obtained, is grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, genetically modified organisms, or ionizing radiation.

What Is the Difference Between Organic and Wild or ORGANICALLY Crafted?

Before there was “Certified Organic”, herbs and plants that were gathered free of herbicides, pesticides, detergents and other harmful chemicals were referred to as “Wild or Organically Crafted”.

Wild Crafted botanical are not farmed or sprayed with any kind of pesticide. They are wild, native and organic by their own nature and retain the positive attributes of plants grown in their normal habitat.

Certified Organic herbs and plants are usually grown under ideal conditions on a farm and produced according to standards which translate into no harmful pesticides, fertilizers or GMO plants (genetically modified organisms) to enhance their growth. Yes they are healthy, but because they are grown under the best conditions and not necessarily in their natural habitat, they may not retain all the attributes of their wild crafted counterpart (information from our suppliers as we rely on their certification. eOil doesn't do the laboratory tests)

All our carrier oils are "Virgin" because they were obtained by simple 1rst cold pressure and they did not undergo any subsequent treatment (deodorization, refining...). For our butters, the same is called "Raw."

A few of our butters are Refined, in a traditional style, by using steam water to eliminate or soften stronger smells and, charcoal filters to yield a more stable, extra-filtered butter. These refined butters are sometimes preferred by people with sensitive or reactive skins. Their shelf life is longer because most of the compounds that would promote the rancidity of the oils or butters have been eliminated.

Aromatherapy grade means that, during lab quality and component analysis, all the batches that present the same results are put together to insure a consistency in bio-element. Some therapist prefer this grade as it. This product is still 100 % pure, natural, and whole.

Kind to bees means that our products come from local small producers’ co-op, who use sustainable beekeeping practice. They would never destroy their beehives or their bees, and they always leave enough honey for their bees to eat. They collect the wax at the end of the season when bees cap the honey. Man and bee work to their mutual benefit.

South African or African origin means that the products come from local (South Africa) or continental (Africa) small growers, producers and suppliers certified by KIWA BCS ÖKO-garantie ZA-BIO 141. Those extracts are obtained from wild-grown and non-sprayed sources.

Our products:

A plant essential oil is the concentrated volatile oil obtained by extracting the essence naturally produced within that aromatic plant, by process of steam distillation or extraction. Essential oils are volatile and when in contact with the air, they evaporate quickly. For more on essential oil and what they are, how to use them, and the safety recommendations

Carrier oils or fixed oils are oils obtained by 1rst cold pression of the seeds, kernels, or nuts of plants with high oily properties. In skincare, their play a key role at providing crucial fatty acid, vitamins. They are moisturizers and skin protectors par excellence. In aromatherapy, their function is to dilute and carry the qualities of essential oils to the skin. Carrier oils are not volatile, they stay on the skin longer, and by contrast with essential oils are thus called “fixed oils”. A Butter is the solid form of an oil.

Macerated (infused) oils. Those are "boosted" carrier oils, obtained by immersing chopped aromatic plants material into a neutral carrier oil, usually sunflower oil, and left to seep and extrude for several days in the sun. The solar macerated oil is regularly agitated and then filtered out to leave only an oil infused with the plant therapeutic qualities. Macerated oils are also 100 % pure and natural oils extracts. For more on Carrier or Macerated oils and Butter please check our numerous dossiers on the subject under Information> Carrier oils or, click on how to use carrier oils, macerated oils and butters

Hydrosols (floral waters or hydrolats) are the condensate result of steam distillation of plants or flowers produced when creating a natural essential oil. The top floating layer of essential oil is removed and the remaining 90% of the liquid, still charged with aromatic molecules, is considered the hydrosol. All our Hydrosols are 100 % pure, and natural products and without preservatives. They must be kept refrigerated, and once opened, must be used within 6 months.

Bases: this is our range of natural, neutral, pH balanced, and stable cosmetic creams, lotions, shampoos, and conditioner products. They are designed to be suitable even for the most sensitive and allergy prone skins. They are organic certified from the Soil Association (UK) and contain a minimum of 80% of Organic ingredients, a 99% ingredient of natural origin certification by Ecocert. Our bases have been specifically formulated with customization in mind and they are all already preserved with organic COSMOS and Ecocert approved mild preservatives. All they require is the addition of pure essential oils and other natural ingredients (Carrier oils, butters…). They are Fragrance, Sulfate, Paraben and for some Salt free.



 Disclaimer & Caution:


Please refer to all relevant technical information specific to the product, prior to use. The information contained in this document is obtained from current and reliable sources.


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