Jasmine Natural Fragrance Oils 10 ml

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Floral, sweet, sensual, exhilarating, calming.


Our natural Jasmine fragrance oil is a unique and incredibly intense aroma, intensely floral, extremely sweet, and tenacious. Jasmine flowers have always been associated with the tradition of perfume art and are used in cultural and spiritual ceremonies the world over. Symbol of purity, this fragrance is a staple in all perfumers” aromatheca”.  




INCI NAME: Jasmine FRAGRANCE OIL (For labelling purposes, the INCI for fragrance oils is fragrance oil.)


ORIGIN : South Africa


OBTAINED BY: infusing a blend of 100% natural essential oils, absolutes, plant extracts & isolates from raw aromatic botanical ingredients exclusively. link for more details on the ingredients composing a pure natural botanical fragrance oil.



COMPOSITION*: infused with natural essential oils and extracts including of 


JASMINE (Jasminum grandiflorus) EXTRACT, 

NEROLI (Citrus aurantium var. amara) FLOWER OIL, 

ORANGE JESSAMINE (Murraya paniculata) FLOWER OIL, and 

TONKA (Dipteryx odorata) BEAN EXTRACT 


*The exact ingredients of fragrance oil are protected by trade secret laws. The full formula of a fragrance remains the fragrance creator’s property. 


ORIGIN: South Africa


AROMATIC NOTE & DESCRIPTION: sweet, white floral top and middle notes with musky, coumarin, tobacco base notes. 


QUALITY: 100% Natural Concentrated cosmetic Fragrance, composed of 100% natural raw ingredients. Alcohol-free*, Vanillin-free* (ALL forms of Vanillin); Parabens-Free* or Phthalates-Free*(DEP), Isopropyl myristate-Free*, (Isopropyl myristate is often used in non-alcoholic skin-perfumes as a solvent to replace ethanol), Dioctyl adipate-Free* (often used as a solvent especially in candle fragrances), Free* of Synthetic ingredients, Components, and Isolates.


(*) meaning contains 0,00%  


Flash point: > 93°C (200°F), Compatible with natural waxes (Soy, Carnauba, Gel, Bees...), Vegan friendly. Not tested on animals.


STORE: away from air and light, and at a temperature of less than 25C.


Our natural fragrances are 100% concentrated and must be diluted in an adequate support before use on the skin (including: baths, shower, hair, or scalp). Never use our fragrance oils directly on your skin.


USE as an ingredient to personalize or customize your cosmetic, personal care and home care, added to neutral bases to make your naturally fragranced:


  • Perfumes, 
  • Natural soaps, face wash, shower gels
  • Bath salts, scented baths
  • Natural body oil, creams, lotions, scented gels
  • After-shampoos, hair masks, hair sprays, 
  • Home fragrance, Room spray, linen spray, candles 
  • For skin applications, cosmetic uses, perfumes…

From Head to toes skin care, in your home and in your laundry, everywhere it is used, our Jasmine natural fragrance is sure to diffuse its joyful, welcoming, and balancing aromas.  




Jasmine natural Fragrance oil is soluble in oily products, soluble in Alcohol, soluble in soap, foamy type products vegetable glycerine. 

Not soluble in water.


Just add the natural fragrance oil in your finished base product (or at the end of the preparation process) blending and mixing thoroughly.


For home care: add a few drops directly into dried flowers, potpourri, on pebbles in an open jar...


Mix with Vegetable glycerin and water, or with alcohol to create home spritz, or your own blends for reeds diffusers.


For body care, the Natural fragrance can be incorporated into our neutral bases: 


  • Neutral cream, Hand and body lotions, African cream, Shea butter, vegetable glycerin,
  • Aloe vera gel, Neutral gel (with vegetable glycerin as a dispersant)
  • Castille soap, black soap, Face wash, Neutral and Organic shower gel, shampoo, and conditioner,
  • Carrier oils, macerated oils, butter
  • Epsom salt, Bicarbonate of soda, Clays, and waxes.
  • Fragrance free massage candle
  • Natural Perfumer Base (neutral fragrance base)


The percentages listed below reflect the fragrance’s creator MAXIMUM SUGGESTED usage for the corresponding finished products and are below IFRA safety standards to avoid reactions on sensitive skins. 


They are not meant to serve as a best usage amount. 

Very often a perfectly satisfying result is achieved at lower doses.


  • In waxes other than body applications (soy wax, bees wax…): use a Maximum of 10% (IFRA: 100%)
  • Bath products: use on Epsom salts or liquid soaps to create scented baths salts, bubble baths and soaks: use up to 5% (IFRA:24.30%)
  • Body care: Oils, Lotions &creams, massage, soaps, shampoo, conditioners, waxes: maximum 3% (IFRA: 10.61%)
  • Face care: lotions & creams: maximum 1% (IFRA: 10.61%)
  • Hair care: shampoo and conditioner, hair masks, hair sprays: maximum 2% (IFRA: 24.30%)
  • To make perfumes with an alcohol base: maximum 5% (IFRA: max 10,61% to 24.30%)
  • Home fragrances, potpourri, laundry: use a maximum of 5% (IFRA:24.30%)
  • Cleaning products: dilute a maximum of 5% in liquid soaps, vinegar, alcohol… (IFRA: 24.30%)
  • Melt and pour soaps:  maximum of 5 % (IFRA:24.30%) 


Our natural cosmetic fragrances are not photosensitizing at the recommended doses.






With flowery notes: rose, geranium Lavender.

With citrussy notes. Bergamot Grapefruit Neroli, Orange, Lemon, Lemongrass Palmarosa

With herbal notes: Basil, Clary Sage, Coriander Helichrysum

With woody and spicy essential oils. Amyris Cedarwood Black Pepper Cinnamon  




Jasmine is called the king of flowers and is believed in many cultures to be a potent aphrodisiac. The flower scent is used to induce states of relaxed happiness and balanced joie de vivre. Jasmine flowers, infused oils and fragrances are anointed during blessing ceremonies to bring good luck protection and harmonious life.  



  • When used as directed, there are no safety concerns with our natural fragrance oils. Nonetheless we always recommend performing a sensitivity test.
  • Respect the recommended dosages. - As a rule, always test your preparation, in the bend of the elbow, at least 48 hours before using it.
  • In compliance with IFRA safety standards for applications,
  • DO NOT USE to fragrance:   Toys, lip products (balms, butter…), mouthwash (incl. Breath sprays) or toothpastes, in sun protection products.


  • Avoid eye contact.
  • Do not apply pure to the skin.
  • Our Natural fragrance are intended for external uses only.
  • DO NOT Swallow. 
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.