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Stevia Leaves Dried (Stevia rebaudiana) - Herbal Collection

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Stevia rebaudiana

Stevia Dried leaves is a Natural sugar substitute that is commonly used as a substitute for artificial, low-calorie sweeteners.

It is the perfect alternative if you want to enjoy sweet beverage but do not want to spike your blood sugar levels. Our Stevia leaves are highly potent – a little goes a long way!



Stevia rebaudiana, commonly known as stevia, is a perennial herbaceous plant belonging to the Asteraceae family. 


Native to Paraguay and Brazil, the plant has gained global attention for its sweet leaves, which can be attributed to compounds known as steviol glycosides. 


These compounds, specifically stevioside and rebaudioside A, are responsible for the plant’s sweetness, which can be up to 300 times sweeter than sucrose. 



Over the past few decades, stevia has become increasingly popular worldwide as a natural alternative to artificial sweeteners and sugars. 


Due to its zero-calorie content and negligible impact on blood glucose levels, it's particularly favorable for those watching their weight or managing diabetes. 


Scientific studies have also shown that stevia may have potential health benefits such as antioxidant properties, anti-inflammatory effects, and the ability to lower blood pressure and even cancer


Additionally, stevia was believed to have therapeutic benefits, such as treating upset stomachs and promoting heart health. 


However, as with all substances, it's essential for users to consume stevia in moderation and be aware of potential allergies or sensitivities.



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