Vanilla Organic Absolute 100 % natural (essential) Oil 5 ml

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Vanilla planifolia Jacks. Ex Andrew/ Vanilla fragrans


INCI name: Vanilla bean Absolute

SYNONYMS: Vanilla essential oil, Vanilla oil, Bourbon Vanilla absolute.

CAS number:8020-06-4

SKU code: PAO2028

EXTRACTION METHOD: Organic ethanol extraction (hexane free)


ORIGIN: Madagascar

COMMON NAMES: Bourbon Vanilla oil

APPEARANCE: Dark, brown, thick, syrupy, viscous liquid.

ODOUR NOTE: Excellent fixative and base note. Characteristic of vanilla. Enveloping, deep, strong, softly sweet, suave, warm, rich, and balsamic. 

QUALITY: 100 % pure, organic, and whole essential oil. Undiluted

STORAGE CONDITION: keep in tightly closed bottle, in a cool and dry area, away from sunlight.




Gorgeously suave, sensual, and warm, our vanilla absolute oil is just a treat for both our bodies and minds. In time of stress or when the mood is down, Vanilla’s envelops us with its uplifting aroma and helps create a comforting and appeasing atmosphere, perfect for cocooning and relaxing.


  • Stimulates the appetite, tonic, digestive.
  • Antioxidant: Skin regenerating, purifying.
  • Anti-depressive: +++Mood and mental wellbeing: uplifting, appeasing, relaxing, comforting
  • Appeasing, calming, sedative: ++


Please note: Vanilla absolute oil is thick. Gently warm the closed amber vial in a glass of warm water to fluidify the oil. Take the closed vial out of water, carefully remove the dropper from the vial, keeping it aside to place back after, then count your drops with the pipette provided.

Vanilla absolute oil is soluble in oils and perfume base (ethanol). Not soluble in water.

This is an 100% pure, undiluted, and powerful oil. Use with parsimony. A little drop goes a long way!



  • Fantastic for this use +++
  • Acceptable (suitable) for this use ++

Massages & body care

  • massages use+++: use 2 drops of vanilla absolute oil for 10 ml carrier oil.
  • Face care +++: use 1 drop vanilla absolute oil for 20 ml carrier or base cream. 
  • Lip balms and butters: ++
  • Body & Hair care +++: use 1 drop vanilla absolute for 10 ml carrier or 2-3 drops per 100 ml neutral shampoo and conditioner. 
  • Hygiene & Bath products ++: First dilute 1-2 drops of vanilla absolute oil in 10 ml vegetable glycerine or 1 cup of Epsom salts 


  • Ultrasonic Diffusers ++: for aromatic diffusion, uplifting and comforting atmosphere, use 10 min 3 times a day. 


  • Cooking +++:1-2 drops/KG or Litre is enough to aromatise your preparation. Add to plain sugar and use this vanilla sugar in your preparations. Add cold in the butter or syrupy phase of your preparations, it brings a powerful vanilla aroma to your sweet dishes. Great in fruits salads, marmalades, meringues but also in your sweet and sour sauces. 
  • For more detailed information, please go check this LINK TO Instructions of use essential oils page




DO NOT USE UNDILUTED ON THE SKIN and seek medical and specialist advise when in doubt.



  • To improve lack of appetite or stimulate the appetite with vanilla enticing sweet aroma.
  • In body oils for appeasing massage
  • In skin care to create regenerating, nourishing creams, lotions, and oils to help restore suppleness.
  • To perfume body products and home sprays. To give a delicious, warm, comforting, sweet, “gourmet-dessert” aroma to cosmetics and rooms.
  • In perfumery as a base note and fixative. Vanilla absolute is used in most perfumes and colognes with luxurious, lush, and luscious themes or islands, the warm orient, and exotic evocations. 
  • In diffusion, to assist in boosting depressive emotions, depleted moods, melancholy.
  • To help energize in case of deep fatigue, stress, anxiety,
  • In cooking for dessert: custards, ice creams, sauces,


  • To appease and relax: with lavender, mandarin, petitgrain. Dilute in jojoba oil and add Bergamot.
  • Spicy notes: cinnamon, black pepper, west indies bay leaf
  • Floral notes: ylang-ylang, rose,


MORE INFO: So, where does Vanilla come from??

Our vanilla absolute is extracted from the fruits (beans) of Vanilla planifolia, the wonderful orchid creeper grown in Madagascar. Vanilla flowers are short lived and must be pollinated by hand, one by one, since their natural pollinator, the Melipona bee only lives in Mexico, where the plant initially originates. 


It was the French who imported the Vanilla to Mauritius, Reunion, and Madagascar. For years all attempts to produce Vanilla beans failed miserably. The hand pollinating process used at the time was disappointing. It was finally Edmond Albius, a young slave from a plantation in La Reunion, who found the efficient, albeit tedious, technique to hand pollinate Vanilla, that is still used today. 


It takes 3 years for the vanilla plant to start flowering. The flowers bloom for 3 months and must be pollinated fast and very precisely by hand, one by one. Once pollinated, the flower produces beans, that reach maturity 7 month later. The green beans are harvested, then plunged in boiling water to stop the maturation process and start a chemical reaction that will produce the Aroma that we have come to identify with vanilla. Follows a slow traditional refining process, with the beans drying slowly in the shade and the development of aromas. The full cycle from plantation to selling the beans takes 4 to 5 years.