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About Pouffy Hair

About Poofy Hair

When our hair is dry, any humidity around us, makes our hair cuticles open since the hair seeks moisture. The outer cuticle bristles up and rises as the hair absorb moisture from the environment, and this results in poofy-ness. Other factors that can make hair more poofy can be friction, statics, etc (brushes, tight ponytails, towels, pillows…) the weather and seasonal changes; the use of chemicals (harsh shampoos, silicones, in colorant, Relaxant, Brazilian…); heat (straightening, blow drying….)

Here are a few suggestions from our natural products range, to keep your hair hydrated and smooth:

Natural carrier oils, Aloe vera, neutral cream (as conditioner), rich cream (as conditioner). Neutral or organic conditioner and shampoo.

Natural carrier oils: choose according to the nature, texture, and the actual condition of your hair:

As a rule, do not use too much oil, the hair absorbs only what it needs, a few drops to 1 teaspoon, but just according to your hair length. Your hair should feel just soft enough, but not drizzling out with oil!

 You can use them:

to condition your hair: pre-shampoo treatments, after shampoo treatments or in overnight masks

  • Before shampoo: pour a small quantity of your chosen oil in your hand and warm it up by rubbing your hands together. Then, with the tip of your finger apply from root to tips- and massage gently with the tip of fingers to spread the oils thoroughly.
  • or add a few drops of your oil(S) to your conditioner cream/lotion, mix well and apply as you would usually. Allow a time for pause (15-20 min) before shampooing with a neutral shampoo.

as a finishing/styling aid.

  • After shampooing, pat dry your hair gently and apply aloe product (pure aloe spray 1:1 or aloe vera gel) on damp hair. Condition (oils or cream). Style. Finish wit a drop or 2 of your chosen oil, on the tip of your fingers, warm the oil between your fingers and apply lightly.
  • You can use aloe vera everyday to hydrate your hair as a styling gel, followed by light conditioner or oil.

To finish, here are a few guiding suggestions to keep your hair under control:

– Shampoo less often. Try to wash your hair not more than twice a week and choose moisturizing products designed for dry, fragile, or damaged hair, or customize your own shampoo and moisturizer according to your hair need and condition, adapting as you go according to seasons, weather. You can add a few drops of the suggested oils in your shampoo or conditioner. Let the conditioner absorb completely before rinsing, for better results.

– Deep-condition. Applying a conditioner after each shampoo is a must, and if you can, choose leave-in products (you can use our natural/ neutral cream as a base leave in conditioner. Our jack of all trade cream is suitable as a conditioner. You could also look at our Shea butter enriched cream, or African body butter.

– 1x/week. Apply a hydrating hair mask) rich in nutrients and moisturizing ingredients will make the hair stronger, smooth the “scales”, and tame the poof. Look at our herbal powders and clays that you can use combined with aloe vera, creams or oils to make your own targeted masks.

– Use appropriate tools (brushes with wide teeth, wide combs rather than bristle brushes to avoid builds ups of friction)) use special brush for detangling, soft elastics (if this applies, of course), and avoid rubbing and combing through the hair when it’s wet.

– Beware of hair processing. Shift (if possible) to air-drying, limit blow-out, colouring, and straightening.  Use cotton (old t-shirts are perfect) to absorb moisture after shampoo, rather than friction dry with towels, and if, so inclined, use silk hair wrap/ pillow cover to avoid frictions when sleeping.

– avoid gels and mousses that contain silicones and synthetic oils.