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Neroli PURE Organic Essential oil

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Neroli essential oil, extracted from the delicate flowers of Citrus aurantium var. amara, is a prized ingredient in both aromatherapy and natural cosmetics and perfumery.

This 100% pure essential oil is known for its calming and uplifting properties, which can help reduce feelings of anxiety and promote emotional well-being.

In aromatherapy, Neroli has been traditionally used to support relaxation and inspire self-confidence.

Its sweet, floral, and citrusy aroma makes it a popular choice for natural perfumery, adding an exquisite and luxurious note to fine fragrances.

In cosmetics, the regenerative properties of Neroli essential oil make it ideal for rejuvenating and revitalizing the skin, particularly when it comes to improving the appearance of scars, wrinkles, and blemishes.



    eOil.co.za PURE NEROLI, not the NEROLI light that is a blend of Neroli and other citrus oils to cut the price


    INCI name ; Neroli oil 

    CAS number ; 8016-38-4

    SKU code ; EN-NER-0010

    EXTRACTION METHOD ; Steam Distilled Essential Oil

    PARTS USED ; Flowers

    ORIGIN  ; Madagascar / Morocco

    COMMON NAMES : Orange Flower, Orange Blossom, Neroli Bigarade

    APPEARANCE : Pale yellow to amber colored liquid

    ODOUR NOTE : Powerful, sweet-terpeney, uplifting, citrusy aroma

    QUALITY : 100 % pure and natural whole essential oil.

    Active ingredients: Linalool, nerolidol, monoterpenes, esters

    STORAGE CONDITION ; Store in a cool dark place


    TYPICAL MAIN MOLECULAR COMPONENTS (in % ) : β pinene 8,64 % limonene* 15,21 % trans β ocimene 6,24 % linalool* 39,39 % linalyl acetate 2,93 % Neral* 0,02 % geranial* 0,03 % geraniol* <2,55 % trans trans farnesol 2,74 %. (* allergens)


    This essential oil is a 100% pure and natural product. It does not contain any artificial ingredients or adulteration of any kind to the best of our

    knowledge. The analysis and statements herein constitute the most complete information available to eOil.co.za .


    Citrus aurantium ssp amara


    Neroli essential oil, from the orange blossoms, is part of the trilogy of essential oils that are all distilled from the same Citrus aurantium plant, also known as Bigaradia. Together with Orange essential oil from the fruit peels, and Petit grain essential oil, from the branches and leaves, This Neroli essential oil, can make a wonderful Orange blossom fragranced oil when diluted in a carrier oil, to perfume the back of your neck, your wrists, or the back of ears. Powerfully calming, Neroli helps in sleeping disorders bringing a feeling of peace and relaxation. In cosmetics, Neroli essential is an ideal ingredient to regenerate dried and wrinkled skins

    Neroli essential oils can be used by pregnant AFTER the first trimester = 3 months pregnancy and breastfeeding women. As always, DO NOT USE UNDILUTED


    Fantastic for this use +++

    Acceptable (suitable) for this use ++

    Tolerable (not great for this use)+

    Don't use for this purpose --


    Massages & body care


    • Body massage  use 1 to 6 drops essential oil for 10 ml carrier oil (0.5 to 2 % concentration) +++
    • Face care use 1 to 3 drops essential oil for 10 ml carrier or base (0.5 to 1 % concentration) +++
    • Body & Hair care use 2 to 6 drops essential oil for 10 ml carrier or base (1 to 2 % concentration) +++
    • Bath First mix 10 to 15 drops of essential oil with 20 ml vegetable glycerine or 1 cup of Epsom salts +++




    • Ultrasonic Diffusers for air purification, use 10 mn 3 times a day. +++




    • Cooking 1 drops added cold the buttery or syrupy phase of your preparations, brings a powerful Orange blossom aroma to your sweet dishes. Great in fruits salads, marmalades, meringues but also in your sweet and sour sauces. +++
    • Homecare ++


    For more detailed information, please go check this LINK TO Instructions of use essential oils page




    DO NOT USE UNDILUTED and seek medical and specialist advise when in doubt



    Reported benefits & properties:


    • Calming, relaxing, de-stressing
    • Sedative
    • Skin Toner, cleanse and tightens skins
    • Skin nourishing and regenerating
    • Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic
    • Booster to the immune system




    In aromatherapy and perfumery, Neroli essential oil (Citrus aurantium var. amara) is highly valued for its elegant floral aroma and versatile properties. 


    Here are some common uses of Neroli essential oil in aromatherapy and perfumery:




    Stress relief and relaxation: Neroli's calming scent can help reduce stress, anxiety, and promote relaxation. Use it in a diffuser or add a few drops to a warm bath for a soothing experience.


    Mood enhancer: The pleasant fragrance of Neroli can help uplift your mood, alleviate depression, and promote emotional well-being. Diffuse it in your living space or apply a diluted blend to your wrists and temples.


    Sleep support: Neroli has natural sedative properties that can help improve sleep quality. Diffuse it before bedtime or create a pillow spray to promote restful sleep.


    Skin health: Neroli oil has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and regenerative properties that can benefit various skin issues such as acne, scars, and aging skin. Dilute it with a carrier oil and apply it topically to affected areas.

    Hormonal balance: Neroli oil can help balance hormones and alleviate symptoms of PMS or menopause. Dilute it with a carrier oil and massage it onto the abdomen or pulse points to ease discomfort.




    Middle note: Neroli's delicate and floral aroma makes it a popular middle note in many perfumes and colognes. It adds a luxurious and romantic touch to a fragrance blend.


    Blending: Neroli oil is a versatile blending ingredient that complements various other essential oils, such as jasmine, rose, sandalwood, and citrus oils. Its harmonizing properties make it a favorite in creating sophisticated and captivating scents.


    Remember to always dilute Neroli essential oil with a carrier oil or use it in a diffuser, as applying undiluted essential oils to the skin may cause irritation. Choose an organic grade Neroli oil to ensure purity and quality for aromatherapy and perfumery applications.



    Do not use during the first 3 months of pregnancy / breastfeeding 

    Keep out of reach of children and pets.

    As a general rule, always perform a skin patch test before using your essential oils for the first time.


    DO NOT USE UNDILUTED and seek medical and specialist advise when in doubt


    Click on the text to access the link of the page with the relevant information


    Relaxation Destress diffusion

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    Karen Britten
    Neroli Essential Oil

    Just started on Perfumery and I love the oil

    Julene Hennings
    Great oil

    I am studying aromatherapy and this is great quality oils!

    Great Stuff

    I've never met someone who doesn't like the smell of neroli. This is a goodie. Get it.

    Cindy Cronje
    Love EO

    Such an affordable oil. So many benefits. Looking forward to trying this with my next purchase.

    Karlen Nel

    I absolutely LOVE the smell. I am so impressed with the fast delivery and beautiful and professional packaging. A fantastic product! I wish I knew about your company before I have spent so much money on well advertised expensive brands with inflated prices...

    Hi Karlen. thank you for your nice review! We are indeed trying to keep the best prices possible for our customers and not pay for the 'system'.