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Frankincense oil organic essential oil (Boswellia serrata) - 10 ml

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In aromatherapy, Frankincense Serrata is known for its calming and grounding properties, promoting emotional balance, tranquility, and overall well-being.

Its anti-inflammatory and astringent qualities also make it an effective skincare ally, addressing various skin concerns and promoting a healthy complexion.

In perfumery, the captivating scent of Frankincense Serrata Essential Oil serves as a sophisticated base note, blending harmoniously with a wide range of fragrance families, including citrus, floral, and woody notes.

Its timeless and evocative nature adds depth, warmth, and elegance to any composition, making it a treasured element for both aromatherapists and perfumers.


INCI name ; Boswellia Serrata (Frankincense) Oil

CAS number  8016-36-2

SKU code ; EN-FRS-0010

EXTRACTION METHOD ; Hydro-Distilled Essential Oil

PARTS USED ; Resin (Gum)

ORIGIN  ; India

COMMON NAMES : Olibanum, Indian Frankincense, Salai Guggul, Sallaki

APPEARANCE : Clear pale yellow to golden brown

ODOUR NOTE : Fresh, warm, resinous, smooth musky balsamic aroma with slight licorice-like undertones

QUALITY : 100 % pure and natural organic essential oil.

Active ingredients: α-pinene, α-thuyene, limonene, myrcene, β-caryophyllene

Approx. Shelf Life: 4 Years

STORAGE CONDITION ; Store in a cool dark place


Boswellia serrata

Considered by many cultures in the world to be the most sacred of oils, Frankincense is still used in many ceremonies or rituals, and to induce meditation.

Its rich resinous, warm, and balsamic aroma is found in many oriental perfumes




Massages & body care


  • Body massage  use 1 to 6 drops essential oil for 10 ml carrier oil (0.5 to 2 % concentration) +++
  • Face care use 1 to 3 drops essential oil for 10 ml carrier or base (0.5 to 1 % concentration) +++
  • Body care use 2 to 6 drops essential oil for 10 ml carrier or base (1 to 2 % concentration) +++




  • Ultrasonic Diffusers for air purification, use 10 mn 3 times a day. +++



For more detailed information, please go check this LINK TO Instructions of use essential oils page



DO NOT USE UNDILUTED and seek medical and specialist advise when in doubt



Frankincense serrata essential oil is derived from the resin of the Boswellia serrata tree, native to India. This oil is known for its numerous benefits and properties, which include:


  1. Anti-inflammatory: Frankincense serrata oil is known for its potent anti-inflammatory properties, making it helpful in relieving joint pain and arthritis symptoms.
  2. Antimicrobial: The oil possesses antimicrobial properties, which can help protect against infections and support a healthy immune system.
  3. Antioxidant: It is rich in antioxidants, which can help combat free radicals, promoting skin health and reducing the appearance of aging.
  4. Astringent: The astringent properties can help tone and tighten the skin.
  5. Relaxing and soothing: Frankincense serrata oil has a calming and grounding effect on the senses, making it useful for relaxation, stress relief, and meditation.


Here are four different recipes using frankincense serrata essential oil for various purposes:


Frankincense serrata essential oil has been traditionally used for a variety of purposes, including:


Respiratory health: The oil has been used to support healthy respiratory function by easing congestion, clearing airways, and relieving symptoms of colds and coughs.


Pain and inflammation relief: The anti-inflammatory properties of Frankincense serrata have been used to alleviate joint pain, muscle aches, and discomfort associated with arthritis and rheumatism.


Skin health: Frankincense serrata essential oil has been used to promote healthy, radiant skin by reducing the appearance of scars, blemishes, and wrinkles. Its astringent properties also help tone and tighten the skin.


Wound healing: The oil has been traditionally applied to minor cuts, scrapes, and burns to support the healing process, reduce inflammation, and prevent infection.


Meditation and spiritual practice: Frankincense serrata has long been used in spiritual rituals, meditation, and religious ceremonies for its calming and grounding effects, helping to enhance clarity, focus, and inner peace.


Stress relief and relaxation: The oil has been traditionally used to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and ease anxiety, making it a popular choice for aromatherapy and massage.


Immune system support: The antimicrobial properties of Frankincense serrata essential oil have been used to help protect against infections and support a healthy immune system.


These traditional uses have formed the basis for many modern applications of the oil in aromatherapy, skincare, and health and wellness practices.


Frankincense serrata essential oil is versatile and blends well with a variety of other essential oils, enhancing their therapeutic benefits and creating pleasing aromas. Some of the oils it blends well with include:


Citrus oils: Lemon, Orange, Bergamot, and Grapefruit provide uplifting and refreshing scents that complement the earthy aroma of Frankincense serrata.


Floral oils: Lavender, Geranium, and Ylang Ylang add a soothing, calming, and balancing quality to blends with Frankincense serrata.


Woody oils: Cedarwood, Sandalwood, and Vetiver bring depth and grounding to blends, enhancing the meditative and calming properties of Frankincense serrata.


Spicy oils: Cinnamon, Clove, and Ginger add warmth and spice to blends, creating a stimulating and invigorating effect when combined with Frankincense serrata.


Herbaceous oils: Rosemary, Clary Sage, and Eucalyptus provide a clean, fresh aroma that harmonizes well with the earthy notes of Frankincense serrata.


Resinous oils: Myrrh, Benzoin, and Copaiba balsam share similar characteristics with Frankincense serrata, making them excellent companions for creating rich, deep, and resinous blends.


These combinations can be used in various applications, such as diffuser blends, massage oils, skincare products, and aromatherapy inhalers. 


Experiment with different ratios and combinations to create unique and personalized blends that suit your preferences and needs.


Do not use during the first 3 months of pregnancy / breastfeeding 

Keep out of reach of children and pets.

As a general rule, always perform a skin patch test before using your essential oils for the first time.


DO NOT USE UNDILUTED and seek medical and specialist advise when in doubt

Customer Reviews

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Cindy Cronje
Love EO

This is another fantastic oil. I drop a couple of drops on my pillows everytime i wash them. Never get tired of the smell. All the kids love it too. It calms you and you fall right asleep.

Chantel Hawksworth
muscle pain and for the treatment of inflammation

I have found Frankincense essential oil to be very helpful with muscle pain and for the treatment of inflammation, great for migraines especially due to inflammation of the neck and shoulder muscles. I find the scent to be very pleasing and tolerable. This is a very calming oil for our daughter.

We use it in combination of other essential oils to alleviate muscle stiffness in our daughter with Cerebral Palsy.

good essential oil

I use in aromatherapy to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and uplift mood.

Top gehalte suiwer olie ♥

Hierdie is een van my gunsteling Bybel olies. Die voordele, voorsorg en riglyne vir die gebruik van die olie word perfek uiteengesit in die olie se beskrywing.

Baie dankie!

Vreeslik baie dankie

Vreeslik baie dankie vir my olie order,

Verpakking en produkte is fantasties!

Puik diens

Sal beslis weer bestel.