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Lippia javanica essential oil organic (Cape verbena) 10 ml

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 Lippia Javanica oil essential organic 10 ml - eOil.co.za

very thick essential oil (almost as a resine)



SKU code: EO-LIP-0010

EXTRACTION METHOD: steam distillation

PARTS USED: Herb/ leaves and flowers top

ORIGIN: South Africa

COMMON/LOCAL NAMES: Fever tea, Cape verbena, Lemonbush, Koorsbossie (Afr), Musukudu (Tsw), Inzinziniba (Xho), Umsuzwane (Zu), Mumara (Sho).

APPEARANCE: pale to dark orange. VERY STICKY when cold. you can use a spatula or toothpick. you can warm in warm water (bain marie) if needed

ODOUR NOTE: highly aromatic, spicy with sweet mango/ granadilla top notes- reminiscent of tropical fruits drink.

QUALITY : 100 % pure and natural  essential oil.





This concentrated essential oil can become very thick and viscous and sticky (a bit like a resin).

It is best used mixed with another essential oil (see blend well below) to "dilute" it.

Dip the tip of a toothpick or wooden spatula or pipette in your lippia essential oil to retrieve just a small quantity of the oil.

Then you can use it in your diffuser or mixed with carrier oils for other purposes as mentioned below.





• Body massages: +++

• Body care ++  




Ultrasonic & Steam diffusion: +++    

• Inhalation: ++

Sprays: +++




• Homecare: +++

Perfumery: ++


NOTE That some of our customers have experienced challenges with the Lippia javanica oil dilution. 


As stated above, the nature of certain essential oils, including Lippia Javanica, can be very thick, viscous, and sticky, gummy, close to a balsam/resinous consistency…and can be difficult to work with.

If the “bottle warming -in-bain-marie” fails to liquify your oil, we suggest the tincture dilution way.

That is the method that we are using sometimes in our testing and aromatic quality sampling here at eOil.

It is also the method preferred by many herbalists or perfumers, to create their own natural extracts. fixative tinctures and concentrate bases, from balsams, resins, dry resins, thick absolute or concretes type of materials.
Here is what you do:


IF the oil is not completely hard and you can manage to dip the tip of a toothpick, wooden spatula into your Lippia essential oil:
1. Uncap and remove dropper form the bottle.
2. Extract just a small quantity of the “gum” with the toothpick or spatula and place it in another empty bottle (5 or 10 ml).
3. Add a little bit of High-grade Alcohol/ Ethanol, enough to cover the quantity of gummy oil picked up, cap your bottle and shake. Lower grade alcohol/ ethanol might not dissolve oils efficiently. (Our perfumer bases serve that purpose perfectly)
4. LEAVE to dissolve for 2-3 days. Shake regularly and come back to check the aroma. It will start by being dominated by the alcohol, but as the “gum” start breaking down, its true aromatic signature will emerge and develop.  


If you find the manipulation of the first method too complicated
1. Remove the cap and dropper from your bottle.

2. Top up your bottle to its shoulder with a high-grade alcohol/ethanol -min 70% strength. (Our perfumer bases serve that purpose perfectly). For ease in manipulations, use a pipette to add the ethanol.
3. Close your bottle with dropper and cap.
4. Shake and LEAVE to dilute for 2-3 days.
5. Come back to shake regularly.
6. As your oil starts to dilute and liquefy, check the levels in your bottle and top-up with more ethanol.
7. You will get a concentrated tincture of Lippia Javanica, that is fluid and flows easily through the dropper.
8. It is going to be a dark orange to pale red brown, very aromatic extract, with a fruity, reminiscent of crushed mango leaves or tropical-cocktails type of aroma.
9. You can start using your oil as soon as it liquefies to your preferred consistency, and it has developed its aroma. Or you can opt to wait until you gather a suitable quantity to decant in another smaller bottle, while you continue to top-up your original bottle with ethanol.
10. Stop adding ethanol when you are satisfied with the fluidity and concentration of your extract (Depending on your preferences. ex: thick but spatula workable, pourable-thick/dropper off with pipette, fluid, liquid…)

 We use Lippia in our test/ experiment with fruit-based aromatic blends (with cassis absolute for instance) or to give a more “gourmand” aspect to woody bases like benzoin, sandalwood, ambrette, ... We give a softer, sweeter accent to purifying or spicy synergies: with Eucalyptus, ginger, black pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg…

We find Lippia javanica to be a good fixative to citrus type of aroma (work well with May-Chang (Litsea cubeba) also), and we use it also with vanilla, cocoa…

We add a few drops to our carrier oils or butter that are naturally fragrant (Coconut, Raspberry, calendula, camelia and it is superb associated with Piqui oil too …)

We hope that our experience using the Lippia javanica essential oil will help you.

Please, don’t give up. Thicker oils are notorious for being challenging materials to work with and are often reserved to “experts”. But, with a bit of practice, you will find that you be able to enjoy this very unique, local, and special oil in quantity of blends both for its aroma and for its well-being properties.




• Expectorant, Decongestant: +++

• Antiseptic: +++

• Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory: +++

• Anti-fungal, Insecticide++

• Calming, soothing: +++.



Our Lippia javanica essential oil is traditionally used: 


  • In diffusers or/ and mixed with a carrier oil, as a support at the onset of flu symptoms, to help ease coughs, chesty conditions, colds, congestions, fevers symptoms.
  • Mixed to a carrier oil for a massage applied to muscles and joints, to help reduce pain and inflammations
  • Mixed to a carrier oil to soothe and calm skin reactions due to insect bites, rashes, viral eruptions, or minor burns
  • Diffused or on pillow, pajamas collar to induce calm and restful nights
  • As a morale booster in stressful times, in diffusers or inhale from tissues, to calm anxiety, to alleviate depressive states
  • Mixed to a carrier oil, a few drops applied to scalp, to help eliminate parasitic infestations(lice), sanitize, and reduce itches (scabies, dermatitis)
  • As a natural insect repellent, on a cotton ball or square, in closet, pantries and drawers or in a diffuser to keep mosquitos, flees, ticks, moths away.
  • In natural perfumery, use to create after-shave and spicy fruity tropical warm aromatic blend
  • Add to base shampoo or conditioners for a clean scalp treatment.
  • Add to mango butter or to coconut virgin for an fruity coco/mango hair or skin moisturizing treat.


  1. Lippia Javanica Immunity Boost Diffuser: Mix 4 drops Lippia Javanica, 3 drops lemon, 2 drops eucalyptus in your diffuser for a strong immune system.
  2. Lippia Javanica Insect Repellent Perfume: Blend 6 drops Lippia Javanica, 4 drops lemongrass, 2 drops citronella in 10 ml jojoba oil to keep bugs away.
  3. Lippia Javanica Insect Repellent Spray: Combine 15 drops Lippia Javanica, 10 drops citronella, 100 ml distilled water in a spray bottle for outdoor protection.
  4. Lippia Javanica Air Purifier Diffuser Blend: Mix 4 drops Lippia Javanica, 3 drops tea tree, 2 drops eucalyptus in your diffuser to cleanse the air.
  5. Lippia Javanica Respiratory Support Steam Inhalation: Add 2 drops Lippia Javanica, 2 drops eucalyptus to a bowl of steaming water, inhale deeply to clear congestion.


Calm diffusion: with Lavender and Mandarin.

For lice or other scalp itches conditions: with Eucalyptus radiata, Lavender, tea tree

For exotic woody blends: Ylang-ylang, Amyris, West indies bay,

For fresh tonic cocktail of aromas: Litsea cubeba, or citrus (sweet orange, lemon, bergamot neroli…)

To balance spicy aromas: Ginger, Cinnamon bark, Nutmeg, Black pepper essential oils. 




Do not use during the first 3 months of pregnancy / breastfeeding 

Keep out of reach of children and pets.

As a rule, always perform a skin patch test before using your essential oils for the first time.


DO NOT USE UNDILUTED and seek medical and specialist advise when in doubt

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Rozanne Samouris
Oil completely dried up and hard

We needed the oil for a school project but it was unfortunately completely dried up and hard on the inside therefore could not be used at all. We tried everything to get it to become liquid again but was not successful.

The delivery was smooth however and packaging very nicely done.

Dear Rozanne
We are very sorry that you can't use the lippia javanica for your intended use. We mentioned on our page that it's almost as thick as a resin.

''APPEARANCE: pale to dark orange. VERY STICKY when cold. you can use a spatula or toothpick. you can warm in warm water (bain marie) if needed.

This concentrated essential oil can become very thick and viscous and sticky (a bit like a resin).It is best used mixed with another essential oil (see blend well below) to 'dilute' it. Dip the tip of a toothpick or wooden spatula or pipette in your Lippia essential oil to retrieve just a small quantity of the oil.''

That said, we understand that it's not easy to use it and that depending on what you had in mind and how you wanted to use it, it might not be what you expected. 

We keep this product because it's used by some of our clients for perfumery purposes. They use small quantities for their preparations.


I have found this oil when applied to wrist or diffused balancing and calming.